22 September 2018

The Three Wars of Gog uMagog and "The UNholy Trinity"

14 Tishrei 5779
Motzaei Shabbat
Erev Sukkot

This is Part 4 of "The Three Wars...". (See Part 1Part 2, Part 3)

There are so many aspects to this story, it is extremely difficult to know where to begin and how to follow the connecting path without going off on rabbit trails, which are themselves also important to investigate. But, it starts getting bogged down.

Until now, I've been trying to build a case before presenting it, but that's not really the right way to go about it. In a court of law, the attorney tells the jury what he hopes to prove and then he presents his evidence, so then the trail of evidence can be followed logically.

Let's see if I can sum up and start again.

In Part 1, I explained that the three wars of Gog uMagog discussed by the Chafetz Chaim are each focused on a different foundational pillar which Rav Nachman Kahane calls "The Holy Trinity": Eretz Yisrael, Klal Yisrael and Torat Yisrael. I briefly showed how WW1, the First War of Gog uMagog, was connected to the Land of Israel, WW2, the Second War of Gog uMagog was connected to the People of Israel, and WW3 would be aimed mainly at the Torah of Israel. I also suggested that these three wars were also linked back to the three exiles: Bavel (when we were removed from the Land of Israel), Paras (where our entire people were almost annihilated by Haman, y"sh), and Yavan (who outlawed Torah and mitzvot and tried to force Hellenism on us). [Rome exhibits aspects of all three.]

The Greek exile was notable for the rise of Hellenism, which sought to assimilate Jews into Greek culture and outlawed Torah and mitzvot - the very raison d'etre of the Jewish nation. Many, many Jewish Hellenists were very happy with this situation and we see today how this is being repeated with Judeo-Christianity which combines Judaism with Western culture and Western 'values.'

In Part 3, we looked at the history of Christian Zionism and its obsession with "fulfilling prophecy." I should point out here that Zionism has become the vehicle for the spread of Judeo-Christianity. It has become the main point of commonality, of connection between Jews and Gentiles. I should also say that even though each time period has a different main focus, that does not mean that there are not vestiges of all three in operation at any given time. For example, we see that even though the Torah is to be the main focus of the Third War of Gog uMagog, Jews are still being attacked and killed and there are still discussions and plans to separate us from our land.

With God's help, we'll explore the Third War more fully in coming days. Particularly, I hope to show how the two concepts of "Being a Light to the Nations" and the Temple being "A House of Prayer for All Nations" have been corrupted by Judeo-Christianity and is now being used as a weapon in this War Against the Torah. With God's help I will "present the evidence."

In Part 2, it was alleged in accordance with the holy words of the Chafetz Chaim as well as Rav Aharon Kotler that a Jew's survival at the End of Days is predicated upon his complete separation from the Gentiles and their culture...
The Jew’s safety raft is supported by three points. The top point is the Holy One, may He be blessed, with whom we are joined by faith and properly observing the Shabbat. The second point is the holy Torah, by means of which we are connected to Hashem through loving and studying it. The third point is the People of Israel who act in accordance with Jewish law and unite to sanctify the Heavenly Name by separating themselves from the airev rav and the gentile culture.

...I have a tradition passed down from one to another in the name of Maran HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin, z”l, that in the final war before the arrival of Mashiach all of the righteous Jews will be saved. Who are ‘righteous Jews’? Those who are separated from the non-Jews!
I hope to present evidence to you that this separation is the very key to our final redemption and that all who promote the unification of Jews and Gentiles, in whatever form, no matter how well-meaning their intentions, are actually holding redemption back!!

I hope to present evidence to you that the Other Side inspired an "UNholy Trinity" to parallel Rav Nachman Kahane's "Holy Trinity" as follows:
* The Land of Israel vs. The State of Israel
* The People of Israel: The Jews vs. The Israelis
* The Torah of Israel vs. Universal Torah/Universal Judaism
You can see already that the former is exclusively for Jews while the latter is a mixture of Jews with Gentiles.(More on this later, God willing.)

We see also among the Christians who are coming to connect with Jews, that they do so through the State, the Settlers, the IDF, and organizations promoting the Temple as a "House of Prayer for All Nations" and who uphold the right of Jews AND Christians to ascend the Temple Mount.

As we move into the Time of Our Joy - Sukkot, we also face the annual invasion of Christians "fulfilling the prophecy" of Zechariah 14 (they claim):
"And it will come to pass that everyone left of the nations who came up against Jerusalem will go up from year to year to prostrate himself to the King, the Lord of Hosts, and to celebrate the festival of Tabernacles."
They just ignore the FACTS that this prophecy says specifically that these are people who "survived" the Final War of Gog uMagog, and that it takes place AFTER...
The Mount of Olives splits in half
* A spring opens under the Temple Mount that flows all the way to the Salt Sea and turns it sweet
All false gods have been forsaken and their names eradicated
The entire earth has become a plain with only one mountain left standing where Jerusalem sits
The Great "Plague" has been unleashed
Now, have any of those things happened yet? I think we would have noticed. These are prophecies that people can't "fulfill," so the Christians just ignore them. This aptitude is what allows them to also continue to believe that their false god was the messiah even though none of the messianic prophecies were fulfilled in his lifetime. In fact, just the reverse. However, there is no excuse for us not to know this.

I will end here with a plea that all of you reading this will take my words to heart and start now to keep your distance from the nations. Please do not attend their parade in Jerusalem over Sukkot and please, please try to influence as many good Jews as you can during these days to follow your good example.

I'll leave you now with a demonstration of all that is wrong with us right now (see video below) and pray that we can still do proper teshuvah in the time left until Hoshanah Rabbah when the decree sealed on Yom Kippur is issued. Until then it can still be torn up and changed.

Wishing for all Klal Yisrael the happiest, most joy-filled Sukkot ever with the expulsion of all evil and all tumah from our midst and the revelation of The Redeemer in our days. May it be the will of HKB"H to fulfill it.
[NOTE to Video: All of these "Righteous Among the Nations" are self-professed Christians.]


  1. “many Jewish Hellenists were very happy with this situation and we see today how this is being repeated with Judeo-Christianity which combines Judaism with Western culture and Western 'values.'”
    According to Pew, August 29, 2018 (The Religious Typology – A new way to categorize Americans by religion) 42% of Jews have completely abandoned their tradition, 25% called themselves Solidly Secular (Hiloni) – The least religious of the seven groups, relatively affluent, highly educated, mostly white and male, reject all New Age beliefs as well as belief in the God of the Bible or any higher power at all.
    As for Judeo-Christianity, I would investigate [if you have the stomach for it]. Hal Lindsey an American evangelist and Christian writer. He is a Christian Zionist and dispensationalist author and television host. He wrote “The Late, Great Planet Earth” the best-selling 1970 book.
    The 1970s time period was also the start of the Jewish Baal Teshuva movement in the US with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, “The Jewish Yellow Pages”, Aish HaTorah and the Chabad houses.
    Can we say “For every action there is a reaction” Tov and Rah.

  2. Was reading something over Sukkot that made me think of Rav Kahane, A'HS, Three Pillars thing (I hate saying "trinity!)". it is connected to the Three Pilgrim Holidays, too. Pesach is the Land of Israel (Hashem took us out of Egypt to bring us to Eretz Yisroel). Shavuot is obviously the Torah of Israel, and Sukkot is the People of Israel (the unity, etc.)

    Thanks so much for your posts! They are so important and so informative!

    Moadim l'simcha!