16 September 2018

A Timely Message from Miriam Woelke

7 Tishrei 5779
Shavua tov!

Here is a heads-up from Miriam Woelke of the Shearim blog for anyone planning to be in the area for Yom Kippur. The Christian invaders are no longer just an annoyance on Sukkot. In this audio-only message, Miriam explains the situation surrounding the holiday of Yom Kippur...


  1. Miriam said she doesn't know whether the phenomenon she's talking about is happening anywhere else in Israel other than Yerushalayim's Old City, but I'll have my head up looking for people like that in my neighborhood. If Arabs claiming to be hungry can go out and murder people, then we at least can complain when people of other religions take advantage of our post-25-hour-Kippur-fast free food! That's reason enough to say, "Get your missionizing derriere out of here! If you can't otherwise afford to be here, stay home!!!"

    G'mar hatimah tovah, Devash & readers!

  2. B"H

    An update on xtian freeloading this Yom Kippur and Sukkot:

    I can only speak for the Old City / Rova this Yom Kippur.
    As a matter of fact, Jeff Seidel's break - the - fast was so crowded with Jews from the Aish Yom Kippur Service Programme as well as Jewish students studying in overseas programmes that there was hardly any space / food for outsiders.

    In order to prevent people from grabbing snacks and drinks at the Kotel, metal barriers were set up before the Ne'ilah service. I don't think that xtians had a chance this Mozzae'i Yom Kippur. :-)

    However, many of the xtian missionary parade participants are running around now looking for free food. Quite a few go to Chabad Rehavia because everything there is in English and there may be Kiddush with some food.

    Where you will find most freeloading xtians is at the Machlises. Rabbi Machlis welcomes everyone and, unfortunately, the missionaries exploit the situation.