06 September 2018

"Have the Jews Been Out-trumped by Trump?" - Part 3

26 Elul 5778


  1. So, whenever we give the gentiles advice that will help them extend their rule over us in ANY way (even through international agencies - such as the UN), or rely on them to do anything we should do ourselves now that we have a vessel (the state) through which to operate independently, it comes out of the collective Jewish People's account with HQB"H.

    I also suspect it occurs on a more personal level as well: For instance, a Jew who relies on Catholic Charities (a real organization in the States) rather than a Jewish charity or g'mach when in financial difficulty. This can be just as much the Jewish charity's fault as the Jew in need's; or, it can depend on the Jew's relationship with the community, no matter how small; or it may be the fact that there are no other Jews around where he lives.

    Just a theory.

    Thanks so much, Devash, for bringing this to us!

  2. Thanks to the Rabbi! :-) And your theory is sound.

  3. The Rabbi gave the message over, but you brought it to your readers. :-)

    I also have a question for the Rav.

    If the above is true, then what happens when Israeli Jews (doctors, medics, farmers, scientists, etc.) go around the world to save non-Jews in distress and calamity (Nepal and Haiti, for example) and help non-Jews deal better with their environment (several nations in Africa), do they gain merit for Am Israel? And if not, why not?

    I would imagine, given what was taught earlier, that naming their babies Israel and the like out of gratitude, as was done in Haiti, IIRC, would take away from any merit we might gain, but would it wipe it out altogether?

    I am not asking about facilitating business by hu"lniks from within the nation they live in, which we've seen can get us in a lot of trouble and turn on us because it's part of giving advice that helps the nations continue to rule over us.

    Only Israelis, who have the potential ability to make mistakes (which we're great at) and correct them (which we haven't done so well at) for our own sake if for no other reason, H' help us!

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. I have passed your question on to the rabbi.

    2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to his reply.

  4. https://www.vosizneias.com/305423/2018/09/06/london-britains-chief-rabbi-publishes-guide-for-orthodox-schools-on-providing-support-for-lgbt-students/