04 September 2018

When the Shoe Is on the Other Foot

24 Elul 5778

In 1994, my family of six - father, mother, two sons, two daughters - were handed six tickets to Israel. We had become involved with the messianic movement in 1990 after a decade of trying to "return to the Jewish roots" of Christianity, all on our own, BEFORE Hebrew Roots had really gotten started. Someone sponsored our entire family to travel to Israel to begin a route of 'messianic aliyah.'

After our arrival, we made a connection with a couple who had been set up with housing and a budget to serve basically as a pipeline to bring messianics into the country. We were invited to stay with them. Like most Christians, they were sweeter than honey while they thought we were there to put one over on the Jews, but as soon as it became obvious to them that we were looking for the truth and were approaching rabbis to learn the truth, everything changed. We, as well as others in the same boat, were verbally and emotionally abused by these people in the name of JC and the NT before we could manage to escape their clutches.

It's what I call the Luther Effect. Martin Luther, church reformer, believed that Jews had failed to respond en masse to the Christian gospel because the Catholic Church had corrupted its message. He was convinced that once he had presented the Jewish JC properly, the Jews would accept him readily.  When they still didn't, he became one of the worst antisemites of all time. His words actually inspired many of Hitler's atrocities, r"l.

Having experienced the Luther Effect first hand, and having converted to Judaism in 1998, it was natural for me to begin warning Jews cooperating with Christians after that time to beware. Some smugly said, "What difference does it make if they think my cooperation means I'll convert when JC comes back. He's not going to come back, so what does it matter?"

I warned them then that, just like with Luther, there would be a reckoning and it could go badly for all of us. That day may have arrived.

A week prior to Kimberly Rogers-Brown's rant on Facebook which I featured in yesterday's post, "Given Over to Strong Delusion," she had even more to say about Christians converting to Judaism...

"I continue to hear from people who know believers that now deny Yeshua to convert to Judaism. This is happening all over the United States, Canada and even some from South Africa."

Under the heading "CONVERSION RING OPERATING WORLDWIDE", she says...
"Now let me tell you how the anti-Messiah spirit is already deceiving believers. The great falling away is happening right now and it has to do with conversion to Judaism,.... The Jews...have worldwide conversion rings with Rabbis trained in how to convince non-Jews to convert to Judaism. ...in the time before the anti-Messiah’s arrival, Hebrew Roots believers are especially susceptible... Judaism tries to prevent us Hebrew Roots people from keeping the Torah. One way is through their law that says gentiles who keep the Sabbath are subject to death. Jews believe Christians are gentiles and the Torah belongs only to the Jews. For those Hebrew Roots believers who...know the truth that we are Israel and probably from all the other scattered tribes, it is heart breaking to find out the Jews want to kill us for keeping Shabbat. ...being a non-Jewish believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob makes us a prey to Jewish killer anti-missionaries who regard us as low-hanging fruit ripe for picking.
She claims she was asked by one Jew: "Do you think the people using Jordan as an interim stage would be interested in locating to a Kibbutz system for Ephraimites run by the government in Israel with special permission for them?" To which she claims to have replied: "Only if the Israeli government will accept us WITH [JC]. There will never be discussion or any consideration of conversion to Judaism… Ever."

[Thank God!]

She claims that this Jew and his rabbi "wrote [a] book as a way to show Hebrew Roots believers that all things are Jewish anyway, so why not just convert to Judaism?"
Their tactic is to get you interested in their book, then get you to their guest house in Karne Shomron where they then have you trapped and they can try to force you to agree with their twisted Jewish doctrine. If you are not prepared to answer WHY you believe [JC] is the Messiah, you will fall for it as many have,....

...Along the way, I met another Jewish couple.... She was a nervous wreck the first time we met in person until I had answered her question of whether I intended to try to convert her to belief in [JC]. I told her ‘no’, but it didn’t occur to me to ask her the same question.

It wasn’t until the following year while visiting with her at her home...that she put two books in my hands that I didn’t ask for, but accepted, because she said they would help me understand why Jews don’t believe in J----.

...The worst part is that I helped [her] by writing a chapter in her book, Ten From The Nations and encouraged her to set up the Torah School for the Nations and even invited them to visit and speak with our own fellowship while in Jerusalem. The book and school have now become conversion tools. BEWARE!

Here is what [JC] says about converting to Judaism… And yes, He had something to say about it!

Matthew 23:15 “Woe to you, experts in the law and you Pharisees, hypocrites! You cross land and sea to make one convert, and when you get one, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves!"

Judaism has a history of forced conversions from thousands of years ago.[!!]

...All that said, let’s not be wary or afraid of every Jewish person. I still have Jewish friends. However, you need to be aware that certain Jews have an agenda for befriending you.
OMG! You just have to laugh. The shoe is suddenly on the other foot and she is freaking out - and continuing to lie about Judaism, Jews, Jewish hidden agendas and Jewish plots. What she is actually describing is Christianity!

In case you might think this is a one-off, think again. Missionary Christine Darg is at it, too.
Sanhedrin Invites Christians to World Creation Concert
By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel

Surely one of the most remarkable prophetic signs of the times is the fact that the Sanhedrin council of sages–(the modern equivalent of the tribunal that condemned Jesus to death)–is planning a World Creation Concert 3 September 2018 in Jerusalem, and they have asked a Christian pastor to coordinate participation from the nations.
[More on this event which took place last night in the next blog post, iy"H.]


  1. I saw an astounding psak halacha. Gentiles are guilty of not keeping the Halacha. How can that be since a goy who keeps Shabbat is liable. As it says,"day and night they shall not cease." True enough, but before Hashem offered the Torah to the Jews he offered it to every nation, who rejected it. Kind of like in business you offer a deal and it's rejected. The next day that party comes back saying I've changed my mind. Now I want to accept it. You reply sorry I made the deal with someone else.

    I read that the Vilna Gaon,who chose to be buried next to the famous Avraham Ha'ger, said that when the Nations rejected the Torah that was the majority in each, yet there were Gentile souls present who wanted to accept the Torah but were in the minority and were overruled. Says the GRA, those are the future gerim.

    1. If you saw this psak halachah, then I'm sure you'll have no trouble telling us who issued it and when.

    2. Issued back in the 30's

  2. So Rivkah Lambert Adler was on our side after all? Or am I misunderstanding what was written above about KR-B's frustration with having contributed a chapter to her book?

    In any case, Kimberly R-B is projecting onto us what she herself is doing. Can she listen to her freaked-out self? Can she realize that she is feeling and reacting as we feel and react when we see her and her kind coming?

    Turnabout is fair play, Kimmy. How does it feel?


  3. Someone sent me a postcard from the Kotel years ago (a xtian) pointing out the "scales" that were over the Jews eyes, blinding them from seeing jc. I couldn't help but think it was just the opposite. Fortunately, the one who sent the card saw their own blindness and eventually came to the TRUTH of Judaism and is now living in the Holy Land. Hopefully this may occur to others. Until it does, may we be strong enough not to let these people influence us...can't wait til the next episode comes out.

  4. The biggest lie they spew is that the Jews have always tried to convert non-Jews! Never, ever. We do not want nor go out to convert them or have anything (in religious matters) to do with them. Only the individual non-Jew who is truly sincere and wants to convert to Judaism because they know that this is the only truth, is when we happily accept them. Why are Jews so ignorant that they fall into the trap of these missionaries, or whatever they call themselves, lies? The main problems is that these 'new style missionaries' are allowed into the Land!