23 July 2018

"Red-Hot Planet"

11 Menachem Av 5778
“In the future, the Lord God will bare [the sun] from its sheath and will use it to enflame the wicked; as it is written: ‘For the day is coming, burning like an oven… and that coming day will burn them up’ (Malachi 3:19).” See also, Bereshit Rabbah 26:6 on that verse, and BT Baba Metzia 86b, which states that “God removed the sun from its sheath,” in the days following Abraham’s circumcision, so that he would not be bothered by guests. Obviously, this is a metaphor for the extreme heat at the time (additionally, the term “remove it” is used, rather than “bare it” as quoted above). (Source)
(Temperatures for 23 July - 24 July 2018)

Record heat broils Japan, prompting warnings

Officials said last week that the heatwave had killed at least 15 people and forced the hospitalisation of over 12,000 others in the first two weeks of July.

But the death toll may be more than double that, with Kyodo News agency reporting 11 people died on Saturday alone across Japan.

An updated official toll is expected later this week.

The heatwave has toppled temperature records across the country, with Kumagaya in Saitama outside Tokyo setting a new nationwide record on Monday with temperatures hitting 41.1 Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit).

And in western Tokyo's Ome, temperatures hit 40.3 degrees Celsius, the first time temperatures over 40 have been recorded in Tokyo's metro area.

Records fell at 13 other observation stations across the country, with more than a dozen cities and towns seeing temperatures around 40 degrees, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

UK weather forecast: Summer 2018 on track to beat ALL RECORDS as HOTTEST day loom

UK WEATHER's blowtorch temperatures could soon have Britain break several weather records as a new wave of scorching heat engulfs the country until the end of the month.


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  2. Dangerous heat will threaten millions of people across Europe this week with no lasting relief in sight. A hot July across much of western Europe will climb to another level this week as a heat wave builds from Spain to Scandinavia.

    The continued hot, dry weather in Sweden will hinder efforts to put out more than 50 wildfires that have affected the country in recent weeks in what is being called SWEDEN'S MOST SERIOUS WILDFIRE SITUATION OF MODERN TIMES.

  3. It's frightening. Most people cannot and do not want to see the Hand of H' in what is happening on a global scale. We, who believe and have yirat Shamayin actually know that these are signs and warnings from H', but even many observant Jews do not want to see what is so obvious. The typical person thinks this is due to global warming because it's man made because 'science' is the new religion worldwide. Woe unto man who does not want to see truth.

  4. Heat wave strikes the Arctic, and the climate enters the Twilight Zone

    ...the Arctic Circle, where an unprecedented heat wave has sent temperatures in the far north of Sweden as high as 86 F. The Washington Post’s climate writer, Jason Samenow, recently reported that the temperature (calculated by extrapolation) in a part of northern Siberia reached 90 degrees earlier this month, 40 degrees above normal. “It is absolutely incredible and really one of the most intense heat events I’ve ever seen for so far north,” wrote meteorologist Nick Humphrey. And after years of increasingly hot, dry summers, the great forests in the far north, all around the globe, are starting to burn.