30 July 2018

American Financial Aid - the Nations' Drug of Choice

18 Menachem Av 5778

While Europe lay in ruins after WWII, America became rich and powerful off the spoils of that war - rebuilding and rearming those nations. She became a superpower and used her riches to enslave smaller and weaker nations. 

Like the local neighborhood drug pusher, the American government 'gave away' money in the beginning (with a few strings attached) and when the nations were 'hooked' on it and could no longer function normally without it, America began to dictate their policies. 

As long as the nations obeyed without question, the supply of 'aid' continued, but if they tried to make any independent decisions or moves based on their own interests, especially if it conflicted with America's interests, either perceived or real, they threatened to pull the 'aid.' 

Few have been able to resist, but some have. You can find them listed on the US State Department's list of "rogue" nations. And despite the fact that many of them (all of them?) are Israel's proclaimed enemies, in no small part due to the perception that Israel is the US mob-government's enforcer in the region, they have to be admired for their courage and self-respect. Israel could learn something from them.

And this is just another reason why America is destined to go broke.


  1. I've noticed MASSIVE spending on all kinds of projects
    throughout Jerusalemwhere we live. I can't conceive
    that these expenditures are "organic" in nature.
    One particularly glaring example is that of the police
    dept. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the presence
    of police throughout the city is ten times what it was
    just a few years ago -I wish I was kidding -and the
    expense toward fancy new SUVs,& all sorts of equipment
    can be nothing short of gigantesque. Increasingly, I ask
    myself if source this unprecedented spending originates
    outside of our borders.

  2. The Uncle Satan is 20 TRILLION in debt and over 200 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities. The honest truth is that debt can never be paid off. When the time comes, that debt will come due and all that debt that the US exports offshore will come onshore overnight. And that will be it. The great mighty American empire will end overnight.

  3. https://www.debka.com/iran-secretly-explores-trumps-terms-for-negotiating-new-nuclear-deal/

    Here comes the pressure on Israel. North korea is now in the US orbit. Soon Iran will be in the US orbit.
    After that trump will do anything to get the 'ultimate deal' between Israel and the arabs. How much blood will be required of Israel??

  4. Check out Professor Francisco Gil-White's site: Hirhome.com
    His analysis vis-a-vis the U.S. complicity in assisting Iran,
    directly or indirectly, is illuminating. (Anonymous author of
    "MASSIVE spending" article above)

  5. Did you all know that England stored their gold in America to protect it from the Nazis and after the war, America kept it all for themselves?.
    We never take aid from anyone because we know their tricks if we can not pay it back and the price that comes with it but thank heaven there are wicked and stupid people in America (democrats) that are willing to give Americans money arsenal as gifts to the lazy and he can make one rasha fight against another rasha
    One rasha is worse than the other rasha but only he is all and can do all
    And my keyboard is autocorrect if it thinks that it finds misspelled words