23 March 2016

Wishing You and Yours Purim Joy!

14 Adar II 5776
Happy Purim!

I came across something that you might find interesting.

About ten years ago, there was a website that was featuring weekly reports by a student of a mekubal in central Israel. At that time, he was speaking a lot about the geulah process and what to expect in the future. The student was reporting what he heard in this rav's shiur and self-admittedly did not always understand what the rav refused to spell out clearly but only hinted at.

I saved that discussion thread and here is an excerpt that appeared two weeks before Purim 5766...

...the Rav said that the final Berur is getting closer, and he said that this Berur will be a hard one, and that it is a Berur to the whole people of Israel, no matter if we're talking on the most secular Jew in the world, or on the most Charedi Jew. The Rav said that the major Berur will be through a hard Nisayon in faith. He tried to conclude the subject and go further, but the audience tried in any way to push him to get more info, and this is more or less what they could get from him:
(a) The Berur's duration will be 72 hours.
(b) The Nisayon will be based on choice: are we choosing HaShem or not.
(c) The Rav hinted that there will be something in the sky, and he was very unclear about what exactly this will be. ...and there will be something like a lethal bomb threatening ch"v to blow on us. [However, in another place the rabbi says: "There will not be atomic bombs but there will be a complete darkness...."] These were only hints, not more than that.
The audience asked more details about the exact type of the Berur that will be, and about the kind of Nisayon that he's talking about, and the Rav again talked with unclear terms and hard to understand hints. He gave them 2 answers:
(1) He said that it's known that Rav Bnayahu said in the past that we should be prepared to deliver our soul and die on Kiddush HaShem,
(2) He said that the test in something similar to something that may happen if we see in our eyes as if not only that HaShem is not choosing us, and not with us, but He is actually choosing others, and helps them clearly, and the question is whether we will continue to believe in Him and in the Torah after such a situation that may happen. Again, only hints and nothing clear.
The Rav concluded the lesson by saying that in the help of HaShem we're going to enter the month of Adar this week, and this is a month that we should expect in it that actually every day the Geulah will come....
In a post two months earlier, the student also reported: "He said last week that the Algavish stones that are to fall on Gog and Magog are meteors."

Was this mekubal hinting at Nibiru ten years ago just before Purim??? 

Purim is the holiday where Hashem acted in a concealed way and Pesach is the holiday where Hashem acted in a revealed way. Today, Nibiru is still concealed, but soon it will be revealed for the whole world to see. And then Mashiach will also be revealed!!