12 March 2016

Moishela: "He Will Be With Us Forever"

3 Adar II 5776


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
17 Adar Aleph 5776 (Feb 26, ‘16)

He Will Be With Us Forever

I have to say we are in very dangerous times, really dangerous, and we can feel the danger coming closer and closer and closer as if we feel almost swallowed up by it. Even though we are not quite sure from where it came and how we got to this point and time. How did we altogether get to such a situation? Most of the intuitive people feel a great fear enveloping them even though they are not sure what it is exactly and where it is coming from. The regular people are also feeling fearful and they search the media for news which only confuses them more. There is talk of world war three, talk of epidemics. There is talk of martial law, and talk of the army taking over the United States and Europe. There is talk of concentration camps or reeducation camps that smell of total Nazism and Communism Stalin style. There is talk of the homeless of America being picked up off the streets quietly and disappearing into these camps with no one to look for them or care what the government does with them. There are hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins piled up in several places, each coffin able to hold five bodies. There is all kinds of terrible talk, frightening talk about deep bunkers, luxurious bunkers built all over the United States with connecting underground roads and a train system with enough food for five years at least. It’s not just talk it’s real. There is the fear of a planet around ten times the size of earth killing most of the people of the world when it passes by with its long tail of millions of miles of meteorites and asteroids. The list goes on and on. Any thinking person who wakes up in the morning and is aware of what people are saying, wakes up very often with a terrible feeling for themselves their children their spouses their parents for everyone who is close to them and for all their loved ones.

However, most of the world just doesn’t want to know about it. Those people just want to continue partying with their beloved Gashmius and praying to the Egel Hazahav. However, I left out one thing that could possibly bring even those people to their knees, so to speak and that is a total collapse of the economies of the whole western world. I think that will shock them more than anything!

Boruch Hashem, we are Jews. We worship only Hakodosh Boruch Hu and nothing else. According to what He has written in His holy books in our beloved Torah every true Jew will survive it all, Be’ezras Hashem. There is no need for us to fear. We are His chosen people and as long as we are with Him, He will be with us forever. 

Gut Shabbos


  1. What happened to his previous message where he said that in a week the most terrible things will happen where the world will be unrecognizable?

    1. If you pay attention to the dates on the messages, you'll see that we receive them a week behind. So, when you read that message, the week he spoke of was already the week that passed. I don't remember everything that happened that week, but one thing that stood out was Saudi Arabia announcing it had nukes and they were threatening to invade Syria.

      The thing is people like us read these things and see what is going on, but it doesn't impress us. We just yawn and go back to sleep. But, people like Moishela sense the great significance of these events and what they will ultimately lead to and it leaves a hige impression on them.

      Just because you don't see it the same way he does, does not make him wrong. The significant thing is that his thinking seems to be more aligned with the way Heaven perceives things. If we're not as in touch, then we should be doing something to change ourselves not scoffing at what we still fail to understand.

  2. Amen, especially to the last paragraph by Moishela! nili