14 March 2016

Chizuk: Shiurim and Prophetic Dreams

5 Adar II 5776

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rav Yehudah Richter finishes his series Yishmael and the End of Days "For Dummies".  Don't miss it!!


Received from a reader...
Dear Devorah,
I had a dream many years ago (2005?) that was so realistic and clear and did not feel like a dream at all. I never felt that it was a normal dream, I always felt that it was a prophetic dream.
I thought that maybe I should send it to you.... My intent is that it should give hizuk to others if/when this event happens - to be unafraid.
After having this dream I saw a video from another woman who had a very similar dream that she continued prophetic - this strengthened my belief that my dream was a version of events that could come to pass.
In this dream I was in my home and suddenly two things happened at once:
- Large meteors, thousands and thousands of meteors started to fall. They were first seen as streaks of light coming from the east in the sky and travelling toward the west, like falling stars, but they did not break up in the atmosphere. When they reached the ground it was like thousands of huge missiles/bombs exploding on impact- everywhere.
- Simultaneously massive tremors/earthquakes started and every wall was shaking with such an intensity that I knew the house was going to fall- and every house was going to fall.
I stood at the front door of my house and thought "What should I do? If I go outside I will perhaps be killed by the falling meteors. If I stay in the house I will surely be killed by the falling house".
The next thought I had was that it is better to go outside because the falling of the house was sure, being hit by a meteor was only a possibility.
I left my house and stood amidst the chaos of all the meteors hitting, people screaming, damage, blood, absolute chaos.
Suddenly I noticed that a huge peace came over me and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was nothing to fear. I was absolutely at peace, and I thought that this was strange.
I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there were many who would survive this - that nothing could or would harm us, and there was absolutely nothing to fear.
There was nothing about this dream that was dreamlike - all the images were very realistic, I felt as if I really experienced this event.


  1. Wow, the writer of the above dream must have a strong spiritual connection, to be a receiver of such a vision. It reminds me of that Nepal earthquake, though with meteorites added to the mix.

  2. Dvash, What dyou say to the fact that russia is withdrawing troops from syria. Doesnt this affect the supposed doomesday scenario?


  3. Dear Writer and Dear Readers,

    I had a dream very similar to yours about 6 years ago. The dream didn't feel like any ordinary dream, it felt so real that I still remember the details till today.
    It was night and in my dreams there was fiery bombs falling out of the sky and destroying everything. I remember wondering how could this be? Even in war thing don't fall like this, it was not clear at the time but meteors makes alot more sense. I had been driving as fast as I can home to my wife (6 years ago I wasn't married -today I'm married with kids BH and work about an hour away - drive the same highway daily that was in my dream). As I raced home the entire highway getting bombarded with fallen meteors (or bombs) from the sky and Hashem amazingly was opening up the way for me between all the fire and destruction. This dream made no sense to me at the time and felt very real, today it seems like a likely scenario - but not to be scared. Hashem works hasgacha in the most complex scenes and they are just as easy aa the hasgacha we barely see that occurs every moment of our life's.

  4. I too have had this same dream many many times over the past couple of years. The first part about the bombs sounds the exact same. In the same dream there is an earthquake that shakes every house in the whole world (a side to side shake that feels so large like it reaches one side of the world to another) ...(It does not feel like a normal earthquake like the ones I remember in California)In the dream, I too am falling down to the bottom. I fall with saying Shema and am always fine...and them am trying to help everyone around me find safety from the falling bombs...In one of these dreams I also drempt that I went outside after the complete chaos had stopped. I thought that I was going to cry due to all the dead bodies around me but instead an overwhelming feeling of deep tranquility and light took over me. I knew that despite all the death surrounding me this was the beginning of Redemption and my internal feeling tuned to deep sense of peace that I could not even feel sad.
    I will also add my dream of the other night...I saw 12 rays of light...each one attached to a horse and buggy. My interpretation in the morning was that the 12 rays of light were the 12 tribes and that Am Yisrael will eventually get there...(the buggy being a slow form of transportation)(I think it is connected to my deep desire to bring my family from America here to Israel)...May we merit to see the redemption soon and support eachother with emunah through whatever may come to us. Blessings, Devora (Jeusalem) ***Note there is a 3 day fast being planned here in Israel. Already 20,000 have signed up!! http://www.hatzom.com/#!blank-3/pqipu

  5. the end/new beginning of days could certainly come this way. shortly

  6. May the Geulah Shleimah come already, but with rachamim rabim al kol bnai Yisrael!!! Amen nili