30 March 2016

From the Message Entitled: "The Comet Is Coming!"

20 Adar II 5776

Facilitated Communication with Daniel
Jerusalem, 21 Adar I 5776

We've spoken much about the star-comet or "Planet-X' or whatever you want to call it, about what it can do to the earth, how it can change everything in the harshest way, and turn over the world that was so normal into a complete other reality. And also, of course, that most of the people in the world will be killed. They already won't exist. 

I just want to say to all the real-Jews who are attached to HKB"H that it has to be, it has to be this way. Because a person can't destroy the world that HKB"H created. He can't. He can damage it, he can do harsh things to it, but he can't destroy it. Only HKB"H can. It's clear to me without a doubt, that 'Nibiru' exists and will come towards us. I don't know exactly when, but it won't take much time. It's coming to cleanse the mess of This-World.

The population was certain that it is just going up and up, that each generation is better than the one before, but it's a lie. According to the Jews, this is incorrect. According to the Jews - each generation is less than the one previously. So, we are the lowest generation of all generations and therefore, awareness suddenly dawned that for more than two hundred years or much more than that, the Satan has been controlling much of the world. We had big tzadikim, but usually, in the world, the Satan ruled and rules 'big time'.

Now, it will finish. The time of the Satan and his companions is finished. All the evildoers will disappear and only the real-Jews will remain. A real-Jew is a Jew whose neshamah stood at Har Sinai and said "na'aseh v'nishmah". And all the Erev Rav who made so many troubles for us over the years - they will disappear, and most of the gentiles will disappear.

Only the gentiles who understand that they erred by believing in forces other than HKB"H, and the gentiles who didn't believe in those forces, but walk according to what HKB"H said - these will survive. No one else will survive. In the Flood - King Og of Bashan survived, but this time there won't be such as these, only those chosen by HKB"H.

The star-comet will arrive, with all the fear, and with all the destruction, but Am Yisrael who sit in Eretz Yisrael - don't be afraid, there's nothing to be afraid of. We're the children of HKB"H, so don't be afraid. We're together, we're one people. We're the chosen people of HKB"H. That hasn't changed and it will never change.

Prepare yourselves, don't be afraid, you can gather food, drink, etc. (it was said in one previous communication - for two weeks), but don't be afraid, because Hashem will protect us, and also be concerned for us in all that we need. So you should have what you need at the beginning, and Hashem will continue to watch over you and give you what a person needs to live. It will take a bit of time until it finishes, with the sections, in order that we will be able to get used to the new situation. Do not despair. Be with Hashem.

Hashem loves us and does only what is needed in order for us to reach eternal life. So Am Yisrael, be with HKB"H. All the tremendous materialism that we accumulated in the last generations - will completely disappear. The women will be modest and also the men. We'll have all that we need to live, and we'll have much more, from a spiritual point of view, this will be for us the most-most important thing without the unnecessary materialism.

It will be a world that I simply can't describe, because it will be so good - I have no words. And I yearn for it, really yearn, and it will even be better than Gan-Eden, the Gan-Eden that was after the Gan-Eden of Adam and Chavah, in which souls rested and waited to return to this world, but it will be a world 'mi-ayn olam haba'. And it will be for us a Garden of Eden here, like once was.

Again, don't be afraid, because there's no fear, only those who don't trust in Hashem will have fear, and this fear is not good, it will bring suffering, but every real-Jew in the end will be saved. So Am Yisrael, pray to Hashem to save us in mercy, so we won't suffer, so we will always know that there is nothing else besides Him. This star is being sent with the help of HKB"H to help us reach our big tikun and to again enjoy a world that is all paradise.

Q. How is it possible to see the star?

To photograph Planet-X is not so simple, it's not a photograph at a wedding from a distance of a few meters, it's a photograph at a distance of a billion and half kilometers! [Not to be taken as an exact measurement.] And in addition, the strong light of the sun hides all the stars that are located 'behind it'. Therefore, it requires expensive photography equipment or siyata d'Shamaya. Since Planet-X is arriving from behind the sun, then its direction is known, and since during the day the sun's light is very strong, it allows photographing of the sun only at the time of sunrise or sunset, a time in which the sun's light is weakened. According to several pictures that were publicized, you can see the star to the right of the sun at the time of sunrise and to the left of the sun at the time of sunset. In addition to that, you can only see the star from a high place overlooking a plain, on a sunny day without clouds. It's important to remember - don't look directly into the sun since it can cause damage to the eyes even to blindness. You can look via a digital camera or strong sunglasses [some say no to sunglasses].


  1. now that the star is becoming visible, there is nothing to hide anymore; 'take that lieing hypocrites'. now about those estimates. measure the size of said star + the proportion speeds including earth's orbit and the answer...
    it would be very romantic for a couple to sit on the shore at sunset (with no other people around)look at the sun seemingly set and {what is that on the left? did the sun grow a cyst? noooo... it is the star and it resembles the sun. suddenly the stupor romantic moment is over; welcome to reality, yeah. P.S. it is not a planet and it is not a comet.

  2. Amazing, but that last paragraph seems directed to Devash. What do you think about that Devash?

    1. I think it is directed to the person who asked the preceding question.

  3. Its all about taking the photographs, to be careful, and how to exactly aim the camera. that's what I was thinking about. I have not been photographing the sun, you have Devash. It was a sweet communication.

  4. Neshama: are you implying that the autistic boys read Devash's blog? Are they able to read blogs? The facilitator no doubt reads the blog, and your comment makes me think even more that the facilitator is doing a lot more than facilitating.

    1. "No doubt"? I have some doubt about that. And anyway, which came first? The chicken or the egg? In this case, I only started photographing AFTER the messages said it could be photographed. But, I still haven't seen anything on the right side or at sunrise. They didn't get that from me.

  5. The autistics may be apprised of what's going on in the world. It seems that way from other things they wrote, especially when they are asked questions. Those questions contain information. Devorah, what I was referring to was that the autistics were giving pretty precise directions that seem aimed at those who DO TAKE PHOTOs. Devash is one of them. Guidance for photographers, not that they read her site. Maybe the autistics are shown the photos? Otherwise, why would HaShem give over such precise directions; its more likely they SAW SOMETHING which prompted their directions. Not so easy to explain. Intricate, yes.