10 March 2016

They Call It "El Nino"

30 Adar I 5776

We know it by another name... 

And this is just a sign of things to come. Take it as a warning.

"El Nino has dramatically pounded Louisiana residents with one inch of rain approximately every hour over the past fourteen hours, creating an apocalyptic scene. 

Unimaginably, rain predictions for the next 12 hours are the same and a triple weather threat has not even reached the state, yet. Forced evacuations have been ordered. The National Guard has been deployed. New Orleans residents brace for Hurricane Katrina-type struggles, where ten more inches of rain are expected along with a slow-moving storm.

In addition to heavy rain, high winds have already pushed water onshore, causing coastal flooding, with wind gusts Wednesday averaging 45 mph in New Orleans and 33 mph in Baton Rouge."