05 January 2015

The Black "Hebrews"

15 Tevet 5775

Everyone in Israel knows about The Black "Hebrews"- that a bunch of black people claiming to be Israelites came from America via Africa and settled in southern Israel many years ago. I doubt if many know all the details or even care. The prevailing attitude towards non-Jews in this country seems to be "the more the merrier." If they are crazy enough to want to live here, so let them! 

In any case, the reason this is news now is because their leader - the one they followed here - died a few days ago. The pitiful, faithless 'leaders' in Israel fell all over themselves to grovel at the funeral. 
African Hebrew Israelites commemorate deceased leader
Hundreds of people arrived to commemorate the life of the spiritual leader and founder of the African Hebrew Israelites community Ben Ami Ben-Israel in Israel on Sunday, including the Mayor of Dimona Beni Bitton and Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein (Likud).
"He was a true gentleman, he will be greatly missed within the community and in the city of Dimona," said Bitton of the late spiritual leader who passed away at age 75 after reportedly being ill for a year. Bitton is planning on naming a new neighborhood in Dimona after the Black Hebrews leader.
Born in Chicago as Ben Carter, Ben-Israel's death occurred a year and a half after he finally received his Israeli citizenship.
"He was a leader of great stature, a Zionist through out every bone in his body, loved Israel and the country. I hope that with the help of the new interior minister we will be able to give every member of the community citizenship," said Bitton.
The community, which some have labeled a cult, was established in the underprivileged neighborhoods of Chicago as part of the Black Hebrews movement, and followed Ben-Israel to Israel during the '60s. Today the community has about 2,700 members, the majority of which live in Dimona. The group initially received resistance from Israeli authorities – the community wished to become Israeli citizens according to the Jewish Law of Return. However, Ben-Israel and the rest of the members of his group received temporary residency in the 1990s and in 2003 they were given permanent residency.
Today, a new neighborhood dedicated to the African Hebrew Israelites community is being built in Dimona according to the principles of the community – which leads a vegan lifestyle – with one story ecological-friendly houses. Bitton also announced at the ceremony, which was attended by rabbis, diplomats, members of the community and high-ranking officials from southern Israel, that he would bring a draft resolution to the city council which would seek to name the new neighborhood after Ben-Israel.
"The Hebrews community is part of the range of Israel's cultural mosaic," said Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein.
...Ben-Israel, a former Baptist, founded the community after a coworker enlightened him on the notion that he was a descendent of the biblical Israelites and in 1966, Ben-Israel claimed he had received a vision from the angel Gabriel.

Now, read Donny Fuchs' account found in the Jewish Press and see why this is so shameful...
They Are Not Jews!‏
Ben Carter, AKA Ben Ammi Ben Israel, the notorious leader of the Black-Hebrew cult in Israel has died, and judging from the reaction of many Israeli liberals, you would think that he was a great civil rights leader rather than a deranged false prophet whose life’s work was an attempt to usurp the legacy of the Jewish people. Israel’s most foolish minds are celebrating him as some sort of national cultural icon. Funny what happens over time. Once upon a time, this fraud and his cult were viewed by most normal people in Israel as an enduring outrage that was only tolerated because weakling politicians were afraid to address the actions of these black-racists, lest the world accuse us of prejudice.
Today, the liberal Jewish blogs and online rags are celebrating Ben Israel and the Black-Hebrews as a community of peaceful, Sabbath day fasting, non-vaccinating, polygamous, vegan masseuses who only want to share their healthy juices with us and impart their wisdom of organic colonics. So there is no mention of the racist supremacist teachings denigrating us as devils that are hidden within the cryptic teachings of their protected community. Gone from the record are the many violent skirmishes of the 1970′s and early 80′s when they successfully used the turbulence of the times to push their insane agenda.
Even before his death, such revisionist writing of history has become the norm. The following embarrassing excerpt is from the official webpage of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“A phenomenon in a land full of phenomena is the story of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona, Israel. Labeled over the years as the “Black Hebrews,” community members began arriving in Israel in 1969. Led by Ben Ammi Ben-Israel, they came from the United States via Liberia stating that they are the descendants of the tribe of Judah….”

A more accurate wording would have been:

“A disturbing phenomenon, in a country where government regards insanity as the norm, can be seen in the illegal actions of the Black Hebrew community in Dimona, Israel. These racist interlopers from Chicago espouse a pseudo-historical racist ideology which designates themselves as the true Hebrews and the Jews of Israel as frauds. They have resided in Israel since 1969, when the Liberian government correctly viewed them as a menace and threw them out. Israel became their next destination. During the next forty years, successive governments of Israel have consistently refused to take the logical self-respecting step that Liberia took, and over the years violent confrontations, U.S. political pressure, threats of mass suicide, and other aggressive measures have successfully earned them amnesty and in many cases citizenship. Their love of organic fruit juices, and expressions of exotic dance have earned them a place in a society that is largely unaware of their true racist teachings.”

For a far less glorified account of the Black-Hebrew community than the pandering of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a window into the more ominous side of this cult, please refer to Yaakov Katz’s 2005 article “Distrust In Dimona” which was featured in The Jerusalem Post. Pay attention to Katz’s documentation of Ben Ammi’s close association with Louis Farrakhan and the former’s attendance at the latter’s 1995 Million Man March hate fest in Washington. Don’t expect to read such critical exposes in today’s edition of the same paper....

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  1. Of course, they're not Jews and never were nor will ever be. When they first came, they were ordered out of the country, but instead got orders from the real controllers to not evict them and allow them to stay. Now, with a completely unJewish(Erev Rav) government and court system, the state is out of control and are committing sins against G-D and the Jewish people beyond belief. The rabbis? who attended are not rabbis, but another bunch of mock rabbis. The chilulei Hashem keep growing, r'l. As we are witnessing, the real Jewish knesset ministers, etc. are leaving these unJewish parties and are going out on their own because they see the writing on the wall - about time.

  2. After reading some of the comments from the JPress article, it's mind blogging to read of the gibberish and sheer ignorance of liberals (including, of course, the fools in the Israeli knesset). Many are usually college educated, yet are the most ignorant people on the face of the earth. Do these people know that Israel is the Homeland of only the Jewish people and no other and the State of Israel is the rebirth of that Homeland after 2000 years of exile in which all G-D fearing Jews prayed and pray three times daily to return to. Sixty six years ago, that dream and yearning came true. We are the only people and Israel is the only country (as small as it is)on earth where the world cannot abide our and its existence. And, we are called the racists(?), a chutzpah crossing all red lines.
    BTW, we Jews know our lineage going back over 3000 years, making us probably the only people who truly know their geneology, not like others who seem to have an unnatural jealousy of desiring to be 'Jews' and trying to deny us our rightful heritage and inheritance. You cannot fool the Almighty (am guessing, they haven't thought of that).

  3. Israel has to stop worshipping its god called democracy and its cheit ha EGALitarism.

  4. Thanks for once again, Devash, exposing the hypocrisy and facts.

    I remember years ago when I decided to research the Black "Hebrews" out of curiosity, I was shocked at the anti-Am Yisrael rhetoric contained in their writings. Their beliefs are much like those of many Christians who feel they have replaced Am Yisrael as Hashem's Chosen.

    I also heard a story of when they first came to Dimona, they decided to take the local grocery store "hostage." (Hey, those kinds of tactics worked against the liberals in America!) Fortunately, Moroccan Jews aren't anything like American liberals and won't let anything stand in the way of them getting basic food necessities for their children. Rather than calling in specialized psychologists to reason with the "captors," the Moroccan Jews protested loudly and even fired a couple of pistol shots in the air. The Black Hebrews, realizing they weren't in Kansas (or Chicago) anymore, retreated and didn't try any of that nonsense again (as far as I know). BTW, no one was hurt.

    Gosh, I wonder if these same Israeli officials would use the term "gentleman" and "leader of great stature" to describe a frum man who was married to several women and promoted polygamy, fraud, and child abuse in his community?

    BTW, Devash, this line nicely summed up the prevailing attitude in a nutshell: "If they are crazy enough to want to live here, so let them!" Touche.

    [P.S. I agree with the previous comments and really like the third Anonymous comment on worshipping EGALatarianism. Well done.]