12 January 2015

Message from Menachem: "To the Lowest Degree"

22 Tevet 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Menachem
Jerusalem, Motzaei Tzom Asarah b'Tevet 5775

"To the Lowest Degree"

Very interesting, very interesting, today is the first of the year 2015 according to the Gregorian calendar of Edom. This year - a most important year, perhaps the most important from all the history of our exile. We're fasting and crying over the Beit Hamikdash because it's the Fast of the Tenth of Tevet, a time that there are those who say that if it were to fall on Shabbat, we would need to fast even on Shabbat. This day is so sad because this is actually the bitter opening that led us to the current, long and black and hardest exile.

I cried a lot today, I suffered a lot today.

I don't understand, don't understand why the Jews continue not to believe, not to understand within the situation that we are in today, who don't want to see the evilness and decline in morale, the mess that there is in every place, especially among 'Edom', the rich, polished and dirty - spiritually as well as materially.

I don't understand why we have a situation where we are allowing Edom to pit us against each other.

I don't understand how it can be... I don't understand how Jews who are 'supposedly mitzvah-observant' can inform against other mitzvah-observant Jews to the Hellenists or goyim.

I don't understand how the hareidim, people 'supposedly hareidi', how they enter into business transactions of theft and fraud with Hellenists or with Romans, how is it that we see Jews, 'supposedly Jews', become part of the police, part of informing on one another or to apply pressure on Jews who are fighting for truth.

I don't understand how we, the hareidim, allowed evildoers to come inside our ghetto and pull us to be one against the other. And not just one against the other, but, question the Hellenists are against HKB"H! They help the Edomim to make war against the Almighty, Hashem protect us.

Our situation - it's really hard to describe, so low. We fell. B"H, not everyone, but those who found their pleasure with the golden calf, with the Olam Hazeh, with the money, or with the secular or goyishe life, so these are working against our brothers and sisters. And they're in every place now.

And the Edomim boasted that they always wanted to make Jew-against-Jew, so already they found a way to make secular-against-hareidi, secular-against-national religious or hareidi-against national religious, but they never really had a possibility for entering into the hareidi world. But, now, they succeeded! Now, there are evildoers inside. They are, from inside the hareidim, with long peyot, with long coats, and sometimes with peyot behind the ears and short jackets, but from the 'supposedly hareidi' really, and they found a way to take over. They found a way to a wonderful livelihood. They found a way to be evildoers, informers and thugs.

And it's really a sign of the end, because if it continues - I don't know where it will lead us. I can't see any future for Am Yisrael like this. But, Hashem won't let them win. And all the Hellenists together with the Greeks themselves - Hashem will erase them from reality. We're suffering now, but all the Jews who attach to HKB"H and fight for the truth - they will receive our righteous Mashiach. And we will see - will see with our own eyes - the end of this world. We will see with our own eyes how Hashem punishes the evildoers and how they will disappear from reality.

I cried a lot today. I love Am Yisrael so much and I cry so much over every single Jew who gets lost, but truthfully - it's hard for me to forgive the informers. It's hard for me to think about such a thing. And the thought of it brings me so many tears. Tears and tears and tears. That a Jew who's 'supposedly hareidi' can inform on another Jew. He can be part of those who work directly with the police, as if the hareidi Jews are murderers or criminals. But, they're only fighting for the truth. But, sadly, there are few today who are ready to fight for the truth. But, everyone who fights this way is loved very much in Heaven.

Hashem loves every Jew who loves HKB"H, trust in Him, and knows with all his heart that HKB"H is the Almighty, that 'ayn od milevado' and we are His children.

And I see also abroad, Jews who have turned out to be thieves really, evildoers, Hellenists, who believe in 'the world of Eisav', but there are also there abroad, good Jews who are beginning to understand that they don't have anything from all this materialism. After all, it's impossible to eat the Cadillac...  and it's impossible that he won't be in danger from their bullets or under the threat that they can put every single one of them in jail for who knows how many years. Also, abroad, they're beginning to understand, but not yet. They're still living a life-of-numbness, of 'zombies' who don't understand anything. They're not looking, it doesn't interest them. They want the parties, all the dear, lovely events, etc. They want to continue to make sins, even if they're 'as if shomrei mitzvot'. But, it's also going to stop, because there are going to be things that will bring the whole world to shock that the real-Jews immediately will leave all their nonsense and return to HKB"H. But, those who are busy with the Lie - will disappear.

The end.


  1. When I read some of these dire predictions by these very young, autistic and sheltered Jews, I am disturbed by their limited world view and judgments about people and things they know so little about. No, we materialistic folks can't 'eat cadillacs' but with a good job or business we can help others through tzedakkah or job training so that they have parnussa. Making money to live, pay bills and support yourself or a family doesn't make you less spiritual or a bad Jew. It makes you a productive member of society and an asset to your community. It's thanks to the hard work of Diaspora Jews that many Israeli charities thrive.

    As for Jews informing on other Jews...maybe they are doing mitzvahs by exposing evildoers in the community. Not everyone who studies Torah truly believes and behaves the way they should and Menachem needs to understand that corruption in any form should never be tolerated or swept under the rug by anyone--religious or not.

    I prefer NOT to put my faith in Menachem or Benjamin. I believe only in Hashem and Moshiach and when THEY CALL for me--I will answer.

  2. I just want to thank you for hosting this blog. I'm sure it's a ton of work. I'm working on teshuvah and Aliyah. This blog gives me a big push.

  3. Anonymous, the use of the term "Cadillac" is a clue to proper understanding here. The idea I believe Menachem wished to convey is that this represents a person who has been investing his resources into materialism beyond what is required to live. A Cadillac is perceived as a luxury car. A Torah Jew doesn't have any need to live in luxury.

    It's interesting to contrast the two views expressed above. One from a person, obviously intent on not making aliyah and the other from a person, though not here yet, is making every effort to do so, no matter how long it takes.

    And believe it or not, this colors how the message is perceived.As can be seen in the first example, this anonymous person has chosen to put the worst possible slant on Menachem's words. It appears that he (or she) has interpreted "informers" to be someone who does the community a service by exposing criminality. When I read it, I immediately thought of those who complained to the police about the work Lehava was doing and got the whole group arrested and now banned as a terrorist organization, just because they were trying to prevent Jewish girls from marrying Arabs.

    That's the beauty of these messages. Free will is still in play, because different people will interpret them from different angles depending on their spiritual condition.

    These are innocent souls in the fact that they do not have any agenda. They just report as they are enabled from Shamayim. I wonder at how someone given the choice, since no specifics are offered, how they can automatically assume the worst and that innocent people are being accused here when obviously talk of Edomim, Hellenists, etc would clearly imply otherwise.

    Seems like Menachem struck a nerve with this commenter. He should examine his soul honestly and try to understand why.

  4. israel - thank you for your very kind words. You'll never know how much chizuk they've given me. I pray Hashem bless you with everything you need to complete the task you have set for yourself. You should have much hatzlachah and brachah!

    Since Gan Eden, we are in a partnership with Hashem. We are not alone. We make our efforts and HKB"H makes them successful. HE never fails!!

  5. כאילו שאין נרצחים והרוגים במדינת ישראל...

    מה היה אומר מרן הצדיק "הרב שך" גדול דורינו זצוק"ל? על רקע הקריאות לעליית יהודי צרפת לארץ ישראל' דהיינו למדינת ישראל, צריך להזכיר את התפיסה ההיסטורית המרתקת והמאתגרת של הרב שך “צדקה עשה הקב”ה עם ישראל שפיזרם בין האומות” המסתייגת מריכוז היהודים במקום אחד, אפילו לא בארץ ישראל.

    להלן קטע מתוך ספרי “איש ההשקפה – האידיאולוגיה החרדית על פי הרב שך” המפעל הציוני עורר אצל הרב שך תהיות קשות באשר לתבונת ההנהגה הציונית. רק ההיסטוריה תוכל להשיב על שאלותיו הגדולות: “מדינת ישראל תהווה קיום לעם ישראל?” ו”אין עוד עתיד לעתיד ההווה הזה?”

    תחת השפעת הלאומיות המודרנית, ששטפה את אירופה במאה התשע עשרה וגרסה כי כל קבוצה בעלת אופי, עבר ולשון משותפים חייבת לזכות במימוש פוליטי על ידי מסגרת ריבונית- מדינה, קבע חוזה מדינת ישראל, בנימין זאב הרצל ימ"ש, בספרו “מדינת היהודים” כי: “בשביל היהודים אין שום הצלה, אלא השיבה אל מולדת משלהם”.

    הרב שך זצוק"ל חולק על הרצל ימ"ש כבר בהנחת יסוד מהותית זו. הוא אינו רואה במדינת ישראל (מדינת השמד) את הפתרון לבעיית היהודים ולמצוקתם. לכל היותר הוא רואה בקיומה פתרון אחד בצד פתרונות אחרים, פתרונות אותם מחפש הרב שך ומוצא בגולה. הרב שך לא מסתפק בדחיית שלילת הגולה הציונית, הוא רואה בקיום היהודי בגולה דבר חיובי. להשקפתו, פיזורו של העם היהודי בתפוצות הינו המצב האופטימלי עבורו. הפיזור מהווה כלי מרכזי במאבק למען המשך הישרדותו של העם היהודי.

    הרב שך ראה בקיום זה, של קהילות יהודיות פזורות בגולה, צורך ריאל פוליטי, בטחוני, שיסייע להבטחת המשך קיומו של העם היהודי. הפיזור יקשה על אלו הזוממים להשמידו, שכן המחנה הנשאר יהיה לפליטה. הוא משתמש בהקשר זה בציטוט רב משמעות מהגמרא: “צדקה עשה הקב”ה עם ישראל שפזרן בין האומות” (פסחים פז, ע”ב).

    ב”הגדה של פסח – אבי עזרי” מובאים דברים שלוקטו ממשנתו של הרב שך. בספר זה מובאת השקפתו באשר לקביעה ההיסטורית הנחרצת המופיעה בהגדה: “שבכל דור ודור עומדים עלינו לכלותינו והקב”ה מצילנו מידם”. על פי הרב שך מרכיב חשוב בדרך בה הקב”ה מציל את ישראל בכל דור ודור היא העובדה שבני העם היהודי אינם מרוכזים במקום אחד, אלא מפוזרים: “תמיד אנחנו נשארים השנואים אצל כל אומות העולם וחז”ל דרשו על הפסוק ‘צדקת פרזונו בישראל’, צדקה עשה הקב”ה עם ישראל שפיזרן בין האומות. הרי שהצלת עם ישראל לא דווקא בריכוז במקום אחד”...

  6. Here's another clue or two: The Hellenists (Jews on the side of Edom against their own people; in the Hanukkah story it refers to being on the side of the Greeks) refuse to take any opportunity to make the lot of Jews in Israel better. Today it's the Levy Report, that states that clearly, all of Judea and Samaria are ours, that has been shelved (I'm surprised that I haven't seen news that all copies have been destroyed!). Also, even though college students who study Torah in the US may in some cases get degrees for their study, those who study Torah here in Israel get treated like dirt. Tomorrow it may be something else. Or Mashiach will come.

    The fact is that many patriots here in Israel, whether for the Land, the Torah, or both together (best case), are denigrated and even put in jail for their acts of loyalty to HaShem and each other. See the Honenu legal defense website for some of the details.

    Anon 13/1/15 1:04 AM, I assume you are ignorant of the situation in Israel. You clearly have no idea how many good, upstanding Jewish citizens are SITTING IN JAIL because they defended themselves against attackers - usually Arabs (and I dare say, 100% Arabs). You have no understanding that we are often FRAMED for acts the Arabs do (usually "price tag" but can also refer to acts of destruction such as chopping down olive trees and the like.). Essentially, you express no faith in the Jewish people, as a whole, at all (whether you do have it or not, is not evident from your comment).

    I think this is a BIG test - that of trusting fellow Jews who are fighting for our heritage, and coming to live here despite our internal problems. After all, many of our ancestors rejected the gift of HaShem of this wonderful land and too many of us still do to this day; therefore, we are not privileged to have the best of it on arrival; we have to struggle to make it so. The worst part is that it's our own leadership we must struggle against the most. We could take any opposition from the nations IF WE HAD NOT AGREED TO KEEP OUR ENEMIES IN OUR MIDST. THEY ARE THE PRESSURE THE NATIONS USE TO KEEP US 'IN LINE' WITH THEIR AGENDA.

    The arrogance after the 6-Day War proved that even in recent times, the lessons have not been learned yet. We seem to be doing better in the aftermath of recent wars, acknowledging with joy and amazement HaShem's miracles in the midst of warfare with enemies dedicated to our complete destruction. So, why has the next step not been taken?

    Stay tuned. No, I have no next post. I do not know how it will happen. But we will indeed be the nation that dwells alone - and a good thing that will be.

  7. Oh, and by the way...

    Have you heard of impersonating a police officer? It has happened; and yes, impersonating a Haredi or Dati Leumi is easy enough - if our enemies both within and without can obtain the right uniforms (I wonder how the Arabs do it...who their friends from within are.).

    And we are aware that elites in "high" places, both Jewish and non-, have had it very much in for us and have been seeking a way into every Jewish sector. The Haredim in Europe have been their
    toughest opposition since the 1600s CE. Devash has posted concerning this many times; you can go to The Rainbow Swastika site and learn lots more.

    All the very best!

  8. Devash,

    Thanks for your response and for having such an open forum for conversation.I want to assure you that I understood Menachem's allusions to "cadillacs" perfectly well. I simply don't agree that in order to be deeply religious or spiritual you have to live in a hovel and drive a wreck. When Joseph rose to the highest rank in Egypt, he lived according to his status but never lost sight of Hashem or the Torah. It's all personal choice--it's okay if Menachem and other Torah-observant Jews don't care about having a nice home, nice vacations or luxury vehicles for themselves but it isn't okay to demean others who do (observant or not). Whatever material perks or luxuries I have earned in my life I am grateful to Hashem for and see these as blessings for mitzvahs and helping others.

    And spiritual condition has nothing to do with my perspective regarding informants which is very different from yours due to experience. Most recently, in New York City where I live--an Ultra-orthodox Jewish man was ostracized by his community for exposing a rabbi who molested his son and others. The Beth Din refused to take any meaningful action so this brave father rightfully turned to the police for justice. If you would like to read the article I can try and find a link for you as it appeared in New Yorker. I've seen/heard/witnessed misdeeds swept under the rug regarding Torah-observant Jews and wonder why they aren't taken to task by their communities--so yes, you are right I have a very different viewpoint.

  9. To CDG:

    Thanks for your response to me (ANON 1:04) even though it seems angry. I am not entirely ignorant of the situation in Israel but I admit I don't have a full picture of how many settlers are being framed or sitting in jail unfairly for defending themselves. It simply isn't reported in the US and it should be. I have nothing but praise for the many righteous Torah-observant and secular Jews I have encountered in my life but sheer loathing for all those who harm others or commit crimes. And, while I do believe in the overall goodness of the Jewish people I also acknowledge that alot of us (myself included) fall short--some far more than others--be they haredi or secular.

    As for faith--Tehillim and prayers tell me I must reserve my total faith for Hashem not people because they can be "hard as wormwood and shamefaced as they denigrate."

    Moshiach really has his work cut out for him. How do you unite Jews with so many disparate views, experiences, beliefs and cultures? I truly hope emunah and love for Hashem is enough!

    All the best!

  10. Anonymous regarding your remarks...

    "...in order to be deeply religious or spiritual you have to live in a hovel and drive a wreck."

    Why must it be a choice between two extremes - the 'Cadillac' or a "wreck"? What's wrong with a safe and reliable vehicle in very good condition for not a lot of money?

    Our world is created in such a way that spirituality and materialism exist in opposite proporttion to each other. And Yosef was a Tzadik. He was a special case. You can't compare anyone alive today to him.

    No, don't send me any news from NY. Not to be rude, but it's irrelevant to me. Unless they specify otherwise, Menachem, Binyamin and Moishele should be understood to be speaking about what is relevant to Eretz Yisrael.

  11. Hello!!!

    I would like to thank, the administrator of the blog by disseminating these messages. Are clear warnings of what is happening spiritually in the world in which we live.

    These messages rejoice me very, motivate me a lot.

    Moshiach Now!!! :)

    Shavua tov and Kol Tuv!!!

    Luiz Felipe-S.P.-Brasil

  12. Devash,

    No extremes are necessary. Of course we can choose a moderate safe vehicle for less money. My point is that it is all personal choice and should not be held against us or in our favor or indicative of religious/spiritual standing. In short, whether I choose a Caddy or a Volvo (new or second-hand) has no bearing on my spirituality or ethics.

    As for Joseph whom I agree was a Tzadik, why can't he be aspirational to all of us? I respectfully can't accept that spirituality and materialism can't coexist effectively in human beings and exists only in opposite proportion. My grandmother, an Eisches Chayil, was a very wealthy, devout/orthodox woman who prior to the SHOAH supported many rabbis and their families as well as poor Jews in her shtetl. She was loved and respected by all. In fact, many rabbis sought her out for her opinions and not just for financial help. If she could navigate the spiritual and material worlds successfully, why can't we all without judging each other?

    Thanks again for the forum but this Diaspora Jew will be taking a break for the time being!

  13. Anon 13/1/15 8:54 PM:

    My frustration with the situation in general is not directed at you. I understand how difficult it can be for people on one side of the world to see things on the other side, even with our great technology. Or maybe because of it? After all, the camera lens is still too narrow to get the full picture, and is too manipulable.

    I noticed that my recommendation to read the Honenu site (http://honenu.org/) came just before I began to address your remarks. Nevertheless, I recommend it for you and others in chu"l as well, so that you can get a part of the picture of the investigation and punishment decent people - even security officers - can be subjected to in certain parts of the country just because they're observant Jews who take G-d's gift of Eretz Yisrael seriously. I find it crazy that we need organizations like Honenu (means Defend Us); yet I support them as best I can because they are going after justice for decent people who just aren't getting it anywhere else. In particular you should watch the video on the home page. You may not believe your eyes and ears, but they are speaking the truth. You might then begin to understand my "anger," as you put it.

    It is evident that the Jewish people are on the firing line all over the world; and at the same time, it doesn't seem so clear that we must come and be willing to EARN Eretz Yisrael and do what it takes to live here comfortably and without fear (I live near Har Nof and was woken up by the sirens the day of the massacre; this tells me that I haven't earned it yet either. But I'm trying!). This should not deter any Jew from coming home. It should be a spur - or perhaps the same treatment in a different land will be. In the end we must choose the place where the Jewish people will continue in order that we ourselves will continue with it.

    It will take the Torah scholars and the soldiers together along with all of us under G-d's protection to make the difference here, until Mashiach is announced, G-d willing, soon within our days.