08 January 2015

It's All Part of the Process

17 Tevet 5775

It's plain to see that redemption is coming by way of a process. And many greater and wiser people than I have said it. Did you think that the "Peace Process" is called that by chance? Everything that has been happening since Oslo really is The Peace Process. It is part of the means by which Hashem is ultimately bringing peace to the world, painful though that process may be.

Given this, we who are looking for and trying to work toward the geulah shleimah have to walk a bit of a tightrope, between what is... and what it is becoming.

Take the upcoming Israeli election for example. I harbor no illusions that we can vote for redemption and get it that way. I don't at all think that the majority of the country would vote in Mashiach. First, because the majority of the country is either uninterested, even antagonistic, towards the Torah way of life or simply unsuited for it as it includes many, many gentiles who practice false religions. And second, because the current system is corrupt and crooked and controlled by outside interests.

If so, then what is the point in getting involved in it at all? For all the same reasons that we should live in Medinat Yisrael rather than in foreign lands. It is the precursor - the incubator, if you will - for Mashiach and the Restored Kingdom of David. (As was explained by Rabbi Aryeh Carmell in The Messianic Process.)

Dovid Mark of Israel Rising expressed it well when he wrote...

"Ultimately the change we truly desire is not found in politics, but if we must vote to push things forward then we should vote for the path which opens the door to the true and final redemption."

It has been said that the awakening from Above is first preceded by an awakening from below. By consciously choosing to support real Jewish leadership which is Torah-based, this can count as a vote for redemption - the arousal from below. And then Hashem will match our contribution with His own and eliminate all and everything which currently stands in the way of this much desired and yearned for reality.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and although it appears to be connected with the election, it is not at all dependent upon it. It's just a means for transition from the old world into the new.


  1. Exactly. There is a definite process going on leading to the geulah, at this 'b'itah' time. The Jews are awakening and realize the horror that was thrown on them with the 'pieces' accord. To do their part, they should vote for the right candidates, if we feel there are none, do not vote. Either way, the ones that 'they' want in power will, most likely, get in power, but at least the ones voting for the right parties/candidates did their part. I think that part of the process is where the bad guys get in, but it will lead to a complete awakening of the real Jews and will ultimately lead us to the geulah. Only H' knows how exactly it will play itself out but will be a big surprise for all to see.

  2. Frankly, Anonymous, I expect that either the elections may get cancelled because of war or elections will take place and it will be obvious that it was stolen from the people and the worst government in history will take over... There are any number of possible scenarios, but the important thing is that a major birur is taking place and people are choosing sides before the redemption comes.

    If the choice was only the lesser of two evils, I would not vote. But, there are two valid choices today - Otzma Yehudit led by Dr Michael Ben-Ari and Ha'Am Itanu led by former MK Eli Yishai. Voting for one of these parties, to me, is like crossing over the line to "Mi l'Hashem elai." We act and Hashem matches it.

    In my opinion, those who align with one or both of these two groups will form the core of supporters for Mashiach Ben Yosef of Yehudit's prophecy. (What she said must be true because nearly every single point has come true already!) I feel that this is one method by which Hashem is purging the erev rav from among us. It's my belief that the split in Shas is a prime indicator for this. I think true Jews will follow Eli Yishai and the erev rav, until now mixed in, will follow Aryeh Deri.

    In the tradition of "Hashem provides the cure before the sickness", Hashem is preparing a governing type of apparatus to function once the current regime falls. Just as Daniel Pinner wrote of how Moshe Rabeinu was prepared before the exodus, so now. We look forward to the downfall of the evil erev rav-controlled regime sometimes without thinking that Hashem has been preparing something behind the scenes to take its place. Preparation would not wait until the moment it is needed. By then it's too late. That's just not how our reality works.

    More after Shabbat, iy"H.

    Shabbat shalom!

  3. Devash - I hope you saved the rest of what Dovid Mark wrote. Not only has his article disappeared, but his blog does not seem to be there any longer.