16 January 2015

Binyamin: Questions and Answers - Part 1

25 Tevet 5775
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 13 Tevet 5775


Q. Do you think that the elections will take place...?!

A. I don't know. There could be all kinds of things, but it doesn't appear to me really [that there will be] elections. But, if there will be elections - they will be 'fixed'. The elections are just nonsense. The evildoers who want to trule here, they do it this way with intention so that whoever is chosen can rule more strongly. [Devash: People go along more easily if they believe they've been given a choice rather then being dictated to.] Don't worry, it won't be, even let's say there will be elections, but the one they want there will be put in...

Q. There's a saying: 'It doesn't matter how we vote, what matters is who counts the votes....'

A. Everything - a big, big lie. These elections, without a doubt, they will be a lie. But, it's like that every place. Also, in the U.S. The black man did not get in on his own, clearly.

Q. But, a spokesman for the nations needs to rule here...

A. Ok, there could be here a Hellenistic government that won't be 'Zionistic'. They won't be Zionists. It'll just be people.

Q. Are the Zionists not Hellenists?!

A. Yes, but it won't be from the strain that built the country, it will be from the evildoers who are just doing it for the sake of I-don't-know-what, some kind of something crooked that they have, something very despicable, something very goyishe.

Q. How is it that there is no one to say stop already with this bad deal now...

A. But, it's written that's how it will be now. And it's not only that they're not saying to stop. What's most interesting is they're all Torah scholars [I'm guessing the religious parties.] and it's written in the commentary that this is how it will be. So...what? What, they don't read it?! They don't know this?! They didn't learn it?! They don't see it?!...

Q. Do they not comprehend already that they need to escape from there?

A. HKB"H - He will bring all the true ones towards the truth, and whoever doesn't merit this - then, you'll know that he wasn't one of the true ones...

Q. From this, there will be an important thing - that's holiness...

A. Because, they want to show that it's supposedly 'democracy'. Democracy - Shemocracy... And the hareidim who are doing this, they're also saying: "Democracy, democracy" ...a little more and they will be voting on who the rabbi will be...

Q. So, now, everything is being revealed big time...

A. Right, very much so. The lie - it's huge, HUGE. But, in every community, Baruch Hashem, there are truthful people.

Q. How have they become joined with the evildoers?

A. A good question... Each with his own test. Now, it is revealed, but in a big way

Q. What do you have to say about what's happening in Shas?

A. Shas. What's happening in Shas is exactly what's happening in the world. Everything is falling apart. Wherever there is not enough fear of Hashem - it's falling apart.

Q. It's actually relevant to what's happening in the whole hareidi world...

A. The hareidi world is also falling part, in general. Because, you're right, truthfully, there are big yeshivas and they're learning much Torah... learning a lot of Gemara...but, they forgot one thing: Hashem...

Q. Are you of the opinion that the Erev Rav are the ones who are interfering and who are boiling the cauldron in all of the arguments that there are in the hareidi public?

A. Of course it's the Erev Rav, there's no doubt. Jews who inform on Jews - Jews, not seculars, 'hareidi Jews', who inform on hareidi Jews or who beat them almost to death, who knows? They do threatening things. For what? For money, for honor, Hashem protect us.

Q. Some time ago, a friend called me who deals with a lot of credit, and said that they called him, people who want to get involved within the political parties and they said to him: 'There is money without limitation, work such-and-such until it will advance...', and then I remembered that already in the past I heard that they are interfering within the hareidi public with money 'without limitation'... in order to divide the hareidim. That's how they work - and succeed big time!

A. Exactly, exactly. Money, money, money! They're buying the Jews, these evildoers are buying them with money. And they're ready because of it to take apart everything, and also [because of] the honor they receive from them, but, it's not simple, not simple. Because, anyway, good Jews within Shas, among the people in Shas, they understand, and it hurts them very much. But, they're going to get - these who have done, who are doing, ashkenazi and sephardi, everyone - everyone will get what's coming to them very hard. Because those who are Erev Rav and work against Am Yisrael and take the money of the evildoers in order to make a separation between Jew and Jew, and lower the high level that every Jew has, to reduce his holiness, these will pay really in the most difficult way. The real-Jews will go out from it to the world to come of our righteous Mashiach forever.

But, it's hard to see all of it, it simply tears the heart to see it, there's an urge to hit..., to kick..., to do something to stop them, but, only Hashem can stop them. They feel themselves [to be] 'on top of the world'. They have all the weapons, they have all the buildings, all of the armies, all of the ships, all of the banks, everything - they have everything. But, they don't have sense! Because, they don't have HKB"H.

To be continued, iy"H...

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