18 January 2015

Binyamin: Questions and Answers - Part 2

27 Tevet 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin 
Jerusalem, 13 Tevet 5775

The Loyalty Phenomenon

Q. We can see in every situation of power struggles and position, like the elections, etc. - it strengthens the hatred and controversy and then intensifies the phenomenon of loyalty, Hashem protect us and save us...

A. Yes, you're right - this loyalty, it's simply not Jews. A Jew can't give over to another Jew, it's impossible to believe that such a thing can be. It's one of the worst sins. And here they are doing it 'from left and from right' - without any problem. As if in agreement with the rabbis. But, it's one of the worst sins, most severe. And these have to be - have to be - 'Erev Rav' without a doubt. 

Q. In this generation, when there are so many books and lessons on the laws of guarding speech, etc., what not, and davka like today there is so much of this phenomenon...

A. The lessons on guarding speech, it's a very good beginning, but it continues with a direction that is not at all according to the true purpose. They're not differentiating between lashon hara and giving rebuke that must be said. They have no strength, they don't want to hear rebuke, so they're saying: 'Oy, oy, oy! Lashon hara! ' They don't want to hear. It's a confusion of our times.

To be continued iy"H...  

[Still to come: "New World Order", "Religious Persecution", and "Repentance and Strengthening"]

Please see, in addition to this, The Loyalty Phenomenon Indeed, which I believe is addressing the same issue.

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  1. From The Modern Erev Rav

    "In the holy book Toldot Yakov Joseph (Parshat Nasso) written by Rav Yaakov Joseph of Polnoye, of blessed memory, says that now in the years of the coming of Mashiach the evil inclination concentrates on the leaders and Rabbis and not on each individual, because if the leaders fall into the net of the evil inclination thereby straying from the right path, then they will bring down with them the masses that follow those leaders.


    This is what the holy Rabbi Yehonathan Eyebeshutz, author of Yearot Devash writes there (Derush 15): “Due to our many sins, the jealousy and zealousness due to G-d have disappeared, they are turned upside down and in their place the honor and profit of the people dominate. G-d forbid if someone comes and argues or diminishes the honor of any Rabbi or a leader of a congregation or if someone violates a decree of the community concerning the communal budget and allowances, they will run after him and persecute him until the end. But if on the other hand someone comes and damages or diminishes the honor of the Torah and he raises his hand against the Torah of Moshe, they will only shut their mouth. Even the good and pious people will only go so far as to say about that person: “May his
    name be blotted out”. But in this case no one will suggest to persecute him and run after him to humiliate him or cause him shame. And this constitutes the length of our exile, because no one is jealous for the Jealousy and Honor of G-d."