"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

19 January 2015

Binyamin: Questions and Answers - Part 3

27 Tevet 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin 
Jerusalem, 13 Tevet 5775

A New World Order

Q. What about the airplanes that fell, three planes fell in recent months... One disappeared, one was shot down, and the last one just suddenly fell with many passengers...

A. I don't know what it is exactly with these planes, but beyond a shadow of a doubt, it's not without purpose. Without a shadow of a doubt, it belongs to whichever plot of the evildoers to drive the world crazy. It's not worthwhile even to think about it. But, whoever goes up in a plane when he isn't forced to - I'm really amazed at him.

Q. And those who are coming now to Israel...

A. Good, they're coming to Eretz Yisrael, so it's more protected when they're coming to Eretz Yisrael.

Q. By the same token, they are also capable of trying to send an atom bomb just for show...

A. Correct. They will, of course, launch missiles with nuclear warheads and it will kill millions,  but what do they care?! They'll sit within their bunkers. There are amazing bunkers in the United States and in all the world, giant bunkers, deep, that it's possible to sit there and see movies, and go swimming, when above everyone is dead. And it's not only this. In the United States, there is for the president and his group, and a few more people, some of the military and etc., in all kinds of cities, bunkers linking them one to the other with actual paved roads underground, two ways!... And it's big enough and wide enough in there to bring in semi-trailers! So, they don't think anything of it. They have entertainment there, they have food there, they're even growing food there below the ground!... And these goyim who live in the United States - they have a great fear, those who understand what's happening. And they're not just a few people.

Q. Their craving is to kill people?...

A. Their craving - it's all the craving in the world, just say which - that's their craving. The absolute lowest craving - these are their cravings. They are people with a lust for 'without limit'. The limit - it's the body, because the body can do until a certain point. But, their imagination is 'aboe and beyond' and that's what will bring them down.

Q. Is the permission that they have from Heaven connected to our sins?

A. All their evilness belongs to every sin that there is in the world.  Every most base, most disgusting thing that's happening in the world - And it's simply hard to believe that such a thing exists in this reality in this generation. After World War II, then we thought, not just the Jews - also, the gentiles thought that we are 'the generation of good ones'... of 'cultured people'... 'civilized'... 'democratic'... it's all nonsense! Everything nonsense. And like today, thirteen years after the fall of the Twin Towers, we saw the spiritual deterioration in all the world, in every group, that never was like this. Maybe in the Generation of the Flood. Actually, no, also the Generation of the Flood wasn't like this despicable one ...

Q. Also, this year, and it's not the first time, they closed the area in Kever Rachel at Christmas, kicked out all the Jews, and brought in the Christians inside the kever. So, here we see clearly how they are taking over here...

A. They're not just taking over, and in a little while, you'll also see the Pope here. He wants very much, he and the people behind him, those above him, see, see how much they so want to sit here, so much aspire to show the world that they are stronger than HKB"H, G-d forbid, and you'll see, Hashem will show everyone, He will raise us up strongly to the top and He will show His power, and it will allow the whole world to understand that this people, even though it is small and 'tiny' - it has HKB"H. And it will frighten the whole world, a 'tiny' people  - against the whole world. But, this power - it's only because they will see that HKB"H is with us, therefore, they will fear. And this will raise up every single Jew in the eyes of the goyim to a level that is impossible to describe.

Q. Here, thus is written 'See, of all the peoples of the earth, Hashem's Name is called upon you, and they will see from you'...

A. Exactly. Exactly. it will be without weapons, without anything, maybe a few weapons, but not like them, but, nevertheless - they'll just look, and they will see that behind each Jew an angel is standing!... And they will be very afraid!

Q. Now, they are even disturbing, not allowing the Jews to pray in the holy places, what a war!...

A. That's it. We are feeling it more and more. And you are also really seeing more and more their whole takeover of the health system. You need to be very careful, in this matter, the adults need to be very careful, because they have no problem putting them to death. They're building big hospitals, magnificent, they suddenly have money from all kinds of directions, and it's not from the government, it's from other places, a flow of money 'not without purpose'.

You will begin to see how they are taking over in every place they are going, in every place you need an identity card, and credit card, and they need to see a person, to photograph him, everything 'information', 'information'. And you indeed know that every conversation you have - it's all recorded. They don't just sit and listen to it, but when they want to look for something on a person, they're finding it. They don't need any kind of wireless eavesdropping device, they have systems. They can store millions upon millions upon millions of conversations on some tiny card. They need to know where every person lives, etc., and of course, the cell phones, within the phones themselves they have something that makes it possible to track them. They even have televisions that when they sell them it's written on them that they have a camera inside and also something that's recording, so be careful what you say. And also, there is even a washing machine like this... And in every place, there are cameras, and it was already spoken of many years ago. We are being photographed from all directions. Hashem is showing us what it means that you can't hide, because whether it's hearing or seeing, or seeing as well as hearing... they are 'on us' - really from all directions.

Q. Is it necessary because of concerns about the future to prepare water and food in the house?

A. You need food for two weeks, and if a real-Jew doesn't prepare enough, then Hashem will take care of him.


Q. The hard situation that you're speaking about here - is it in the whole world or in Israel?

A. Now, for example, in the United States, it's going to be a web of horror, something absolutely terrible, and in a very big area in the United States.



  1. His sense of humor is amazing given the subject matter.

    I go around my town and try to talk about these topics with people: Jews, goyim. Nobody has a clue except for one gentile friend of mine.

    But I think that these comments are incredibly prescient. They are remarkably worldly.

  2. Their "craving to kill people" reminds me of the Rebbe Nachman story of the Baal Tefillah, in which the Baal Tefillah has to deal with people who consider themselves gods because of their wealth and consider the middle class and poor people "animals" whose purpose is to be killed as sacrifices to themselves (the self-proclaimed "gods").