11 January 2015

No Self-Respect

21 Tevet 5775

No self-respecting Prime Minister would announce that he could not leave his country to attend an event for security reasons and then go back on his word just because he feared losing political points to his opponents who decided to attend.

No self-respecting Prime Minister would walk in a silent march held on a somber note with other world leaders grinning and waving as if he were on a parade float.

And no self-respecting Prime Minister would walk in such a march, showing solidarity against acts of terrorism, alongside a major contractor of terrorism within his own country.

Sadly, Israel's Prime Minister has no self-respect, and we can't respect him either.


  1. On the contrary, Bibi attended the march in order to motivate the jews in france to pack their bags and return to Israel, before it's too late...

  2. And you're basing that on....?

  3. bibi's goal was not the same goal as all the other leaders, to quote Zero Hedge.com
    "There was one world leader who was out of step with the rest of political elite during yesterday's theatrical procession of world leaders for French unity and for press freedom ... Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu."
    Bibi's goal is to encourage and motivate Jews to leave Europe and the US and make Aliyah.

  4. My basic and well-founded mistrust of the Israeli government leads me to ask why Netanyahu would encourage French Jewry to make aliyah in its entirety. Netanyahu has always given me the impression that he is a puppet propped up by handlers, who are anti-Gd and anti-Torah.
    Most French Jews (in addition to being actual Jews, unlike 60% of the Russian aliyah) are at least traditional in some sense with a strong love of Judaism. And the ones who come to Israel end up increasing their religious observance. The secular Leftist anti-Torah government knows this, so why are they so gung-ho about them coming?
    I know that I and most of us here truly care about our brothers and sisters in France and want them to come for reasons of love and concern, but why do Bibi and his gang want them?

  5. It plays well to the voters and all those who have Zionistic feelings. It's a calculated risk, but weighted heavily in his favor. There's no real danger at present of millions of Jews making aliyah from the west all at once.

    That's my take on it anyway. ;-)

  6. Happen to agree to the last two comments by Dassie and D'vash. Think you are both right.

  7. Thanks, Devash and Anonymous 2:10AM.
    That makes sense.