26 January 2015

About Binyamin's Latest Message...

6 Shevat 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 23 Tevet 5775
After the events in France

The Global Show

In recent days, we saw another face of cruelty, murder and blood. We saw a complete show. And I'm saying 'show' because it's clear that it was planned by Edom. And with not-the-best actors, and they added to it some unbalanced Muslims, and they really made a wretched film, maybe 'D' level... It may be that the majority of the people in the world believe in it, but there are enough wise ones who see that it's a lie from beginning to end. Indeed, it's true, they murdered people, much blood flowed, but these actors, and this play were really unbelievable. Whose play was it?... the terrorists, or whoever they really are?... or those who were killed?... the enormous tragedy. But, all forty heads-of-state of the world - were really the worst actors.

We're in a war between Edom and Yishmael, and that's clear. And they're both at war with the Jews....

I have to stop the translation of this latest message at this point. I feel the need to elaborate further on this. I know this sounds crazy and too 'conspiratorial' to the average person, but it really is a fact and there are videos on Youtube which get into it in depth. Some unfortunately claim no one was killed, but those who planned and carried out the attacks for sure wanted people to die and for blood to flow - just like the almost 3000 who died in the attack on the Twin Towers.

Look at how they manipulated the entire 'civilized' world. How many millions using social media used the "Je suis Charlie" icon? And how many rushed to get a copy of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper? What's worse - how many of them were Israelis wearing kippot??? Think about it. How did they manage to bring world leaders to Paris in the space of hours along with a million demonstrators with copy-cat gatherings held around the world - including Jerusalem! 

They seem to have three goals here: 1) to justify killing ever more Yishmaelim, 2) to drive Jews to Israel where it will be easier to annihilate us all together, and 3) to further enslave the masses and consolidate their global power.

I hope none of my readers participated or contributed to this MASS MIND MANIPULATION. There's more, but I'm out of time for now. Please view the following video and leave your comments...

PS: Also, be thinking about the new rapprochement between the US and Cuba with the stated goal of bringing better internet access, keeping in mind that this is what Alan Gross was doing when he was arrested.


  1. What about the newly popular "universal" Judaism?

  2. I don't consider conspiracy theories to be the interest of fools. I consider the doubters of the theories to be fools.

    History has shown numerous examples of conspiracies that changed the world. US President Woodrow Wilson was elected on an anti-war platform. Once in office, he changed his tune, ran a massive pro-war campaign and dragged the whole country into Europe's war.

  3. The ID card that was left in the car. That was the 'secret' joke. But seriously; the shambhala connection that means Tibet. And yes, then you get http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shambhala
    to the Theosophical society and all kinds of connections to global power elite in roalty, finance, art and what not. Such as the occult roots of evil moustasche, I don't really know this all, but it is possible. Who created ISIS, this is also a hero of the Theosophs.

  4. It's important to know that the public really falls for this nonsense. Since 9/11 more than 1/2 million Americans have died in car accidents, yet the average person thinks the greatest danger is terrorism, where less have died since 9/11 than in the hands of the police.

  5. If i could jump back to Moshele's message from Elul, what did he mean, "we Motzai Shviis will walk into the Bais Hamikdosh and be Makriv Korbonos"? What is shviis? Does he mean after the shmita year or after pesach? because he said by pesach it still won't be time for redemption.

  6. israel - you speak a lot of wisdom. I took shvi'it to be like Sukkot 5776.

  7. thank you

    and that makes sense, just from the pace of things, after next succos, thanks for confirming

    i also noted his words regarding eliyahu, that not all would see him, just those of a certain faith

    same applies i guess to his comments about our angst, that not all will feel it, but if you are watching the world at all and care about ruchniyus you will

    the unraveling is incredible, not just political events, but with the way people behave

  8. That's not to say I'm right. It's just what I thought when I first read it, but maybe I was already programmed to think that. I'll have to go back and re-read it with a more open mind. I thought it strange that he brings us to Pesach and then says but it's still not the redemption and yet he says nothing more til the shvi'it thing. Also, I thought he said only certain people would 'see' Eliyahu last Sukkot or Yom Kippur or something and that by Pesach everyone will see him. I gotta go look again. Be right back.

  9. Ok. I didn't find the earlier reference to Eliyahu. It may even be in a different message. But, anyway, here is the specific part...

    On Shvii Shel Pesach we will hear the Shofar. We will hear the Shofar and on Leil Haseder each house will see Eliyahu Hanavi, all the Jews that are Emesdik will see him and it will give us strength, but it still won’t be the time of redemption. I can’t go on farther than that to explain, but when we see Eliyahu Hanavi we will know that very soon this terribly long Golus will be over, and we will be finally free. From that moment on, there will be more and greater wars. There will be false prophets and false messiahs, but we will hold on to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and to the seed of Dovid Hamelech, to our Moshiach Tzidkainu, our true Moshiach. He will reveal himself and we Motzai Shviis will walk into the Bais Hamikdosh and be Makriv Korbonos and be happy and be dancing with the greatest joy ever felt in the whole world, even though around us two thirds of the world will have been destroyed, and very few Yidden and even fewer Goyim will survive.

    I think in the context it must mean at the exit of this shmitta year. Gog uMagog in 5776. But, it also seems as though he expects that we will actually see Eliyahu HaNavi at Pesach.

  10. The fear and uncertainty is getting to all of us. One doesn't know who to trust. It's like some kind of spy thriller with double agents. But let's try not to freak out.

    I doubt any of us will be able to know exactly who is eruv rav. The main thing is to know about the concept. Our job is teshuvah, aliyah , becoming simple faithful Jews who try to help however we can.

    There will be a big showdown soon. It's not something you and I can control. We just watch and hold on to our faith.

    I didn't watch the whole video, couldn't deal with the guy's voice. He must have been an actor because I highly doubt he did all the research. So I didn't hear anything about holocaust denial. If it was there, I would be very sure that Devorah just missed it. If she's not on the side of the good then I'm going to really lose my mind because the work she is doing here is tremendous. She carries her name well.

  11. I learned, from Glenn Beck, that the so-called "march" of leaders was staged. That means they gathered on another empty street nearby, with full security protection (which they could not have been able to do with thousands of people there) all lined up for the cameras. They actually did not march together with all the Parisians. Try to find photos that tell otherwise!

    Sorry, I'm getting into this discussion a bit late.

    I'm also very curious about Binyamins words in that paragraph. Need to think about it more.

  12. Neshama, thanks for that bit of info; I hadn't known it and it makes a lot more sense than the scenario with which we were presented. I hope you are doing well.

    Devash, many highly decent & sincerely frum bloggers allow inappropriate comments insulting them in their comments section. From what I can tell, this is done in the interest of free speech and open dialogue and objectivity, and possibly to avoid accusations of pettiness, censorship, and "you always block the comments that make you look bad!" and "You can't handle disagreement!" Or maybe you have other reasons.
    However, I really think there is a difference between someone disagreeing with you (however strongly) and someone who engages in attacking, insulting, inappropriate, trollish behavior and language. As a reader, I am not interested in reading such posts that contribute nothing to the discussion and I don't see how it is petty or unjust or lacking in objectivity to block their comments.
    This is something that has been bothering me for a long time that I have seen on several otherwise very fine blogs. I hope you (and any other blogger reading this) takes this in the spirit in which it is meant, and don't feel criticized.

  13. Neshama, that link you sent is from an antisemitic website. I didn't find a video, but I did read the article and it concluded by saying that nothing at all happened there. Not the same thing at5 all.

  14. Thanks for the input, Dassie. I'll take it under serious consideration.

  15. Dassie and everyone, I tried to clean up the comments a bit. The worst seems to come from "Anonymous" people. I'm thinking of taking that option away. Any thoughts or objections?

  16. Ok, I didn't publish the comments on 'comments', but the decision is to not allow 'anonymous' comments. I don't know what this does to those who want to sign in with an account other then google. Please let me know if any of you have any problems. You can email me: tdnjslm@gmail.com