10 August 2011

Message from Menachem

10 Menachem Av 5771

Continuing the messages from the autistics...

Menachem, motzaei Shabbat Kodesh, Korach 5771

I am very anxious, very anxious. We talk and we talk and we talk, to do teshuva, and to do teshuva, and to do teshuva, day and night, day and night, to do teshuva, to come to the truth, to leave materialism. I’m fed up already. I don’t want to say any more. Whoever doesn’t understand this, whoever is such a fool, who can’t see what is happening in this world, he deserves what’s coming to him. Enough!

Q. Why are you anxious?

A. Because I can’t understand why, how, people see so many hard things and don’t pay attention. Even twenty years ago, so many people started to die in so many different ways. Jews, Chareidi Jews and others, close their eyes and don’t want to know.

This is a very clear and obvious sign and they don’t want to know. And today, when really amazing things are happening, they continue as usual, like nothing is happening. How can they be so blocked up? Clearly, it’s not without purpose. Clearly, they don’t want the truth. They reject the truth and that’s what hurts me the most. Another thing disturbs me very, very much, and angers me. It is that people who are so-called “righteous” simply take Judaism and the Torah and say precisely, exactly the opposite of what needs to be and this really gives me heartache, stomachache, headache. I ‘m already not a person from this.

Q. What is the meaning of “precisely the opposite from what needs to be?”

A. Example: The most prominent is modesty. They say modesty is immodesty and immodesty is modesty! If a woman covers herself with much clothing, in many layers of cloth, then she is considered as immodest in their eyes, chas v’shalom, because she [draws attention to herself]. She walks in the street and they look at her. A mountain of clothes is interesting. But, all the immodesty with the narrow, short and tight dress, etc., it’s not interesting and it’s thought of as modest [because everybody does it]. The main thing, in their eyes, is to look like everyone else. If everyone will walk around in bathing suits in the street, then they need to be like everyone else. It’s true that many rabbis allow long custom wigs and give it a hechsher and there are even hechsherim for shops that sell really immodest clothes, narrow and short, but, it’s impossible to lie to HKB”H. Immodesty remains immodesty. They say I am handicapped and I say that these people are really handicapped.

But since the haskalah, everything has changed completely; not only in modesty, but everything---all the laws, all of yiddishkeit. And this doesn’t obstruct only those who are going to be reform or secular. Also, within Chareidi Jewry, there are descendants of the haskalah. The horrible holocaust that almost wiped out European Jewry did not succeed to wipe out the descendants of the haskalah movement and they continue to develop and grow within the hearts of the majority of Jews in this generation. Do you think that HKB”H will allow this situation to continue?

But, never mind. In the near future, Mashiach will arrive and he will be the great messenger to put this world in order and bring all of us to the truth and I wait so much. I’m simply anxious because already I have no patience. It’s almost Tamuz and so passes month after month and there’s no hope in what we are seeing, because we are seeing that people are not progressing. But what’s happening in the world gives a lot of encouragement, because it’s going really exactly according to the prophecies and if it takes place, then as can be seen, there will be, with G-d’s help, many Jews that will return in teshuvah. But, I personally don’t believe that it will be easy. I believe that it will behard, because we are a stiff-necked people and we do not submit so much to the will of Heaven. And I’m speaking about the real Jews; about the Erev Rav, nothing can be done.