04 August 2011

Message from Yitzchak Isaac

Yitzchak Isaac, motzaei Shabbat Kodesh, parshat Korach 5771
(25 June 2011)

I want you all to know. You must know. I can not tolerate when people continue to go around like everything continues as usual. I am compelled to say that in the nearest future, there will be an explosion. It will begin with one explosion and I’m not speaking davka about a bomb. I’m speaking about something hard that will happen, and from this it will go more and more, various things from every direction until a man won’t know from where will come the next hit and then, we who really believe in HKB”H will pass the greatest test. Because if we will be calm, will pray strongly and not fear, maybe get very excited, but not fearful, to trust in Hashem, then we will pass fairly easily, but it will be very scary.

There is already a fearful situation in the world, but the majority continue with their nonsense and get angry with everyone who tries to take them out from the falsehood. They yell about the truthful people who are trying to take them out from the falsehood, spitting on them and making them ashamed. But one day they will go into a big panic, not knowing where to flee, but it will already be too late for them. I know all this and every person with half a brain is able to understand this, but they don’t want to know. I don’t understand what is so delicious, what is so pleasant in all their materialism and falsehood. The truth gives a greater feeling of good to man. It gives him a greater feeling of spiritual elevation that he sees all the falsehood in the world and sees that it’s false. Then he feels much higher, much more in control of himself. He understands much more the difference between falsehood and truth. A man of truth is close to Hashem. A man of truth is close to eternity and he will have eternity because only truthful people will be able to be in the world of truth. And the world of truth is eternal, but not just an eternity of this present world, full of suffering and endless problems, chas v’shalom! It will be so good for us and we will go up and go up and go up, spiritually, more and more and more truth. If only we had already arrived to this!

I, as an autistic, see the truth usually much more than the majority of “normal” people, but I was like you---a “dummy.” I was once attracted to the material world. Not in this gilgul, but in another gilgul. And I erred so many times. I fell so many times, but now, I see the truth clearly and I cannot understand how I fell for things so silly, so marginal, so unimportant, but nevertheless, I fell. But I was also a tzadik and it’s much worse if a tzadik falls. Anyway, I came down again to this world as a fool that can’t sin and I suffer very, very much from my situation because I hate the material world and also, it’s not possible for me to go up spiritually. Because, only a regular “normal” man in this world who has free will has the ability to go up spiritually and therefore, I suffer, very, very much. I remember my sin, how I wasted my time as a regular person in the previous gilgul.

I could have arrived easily to Gan-Eden, but I didn’t do that. I was drawn to the sins of this world and I didn’t think about the world to come. I didn’t think about eternity. I believed in lies and now the truth is so clear to me and I am in a situation that I can’t go up, even if I know the truth. And this hurts me very much, but this is part of my tikun and it’s for my good. But, you are good Jews. You are in a situation of normal people. Don’t waste the time. Go up, go up spiritually. Leave all the desires of this world with its imaginary, false, temporary pleasures. And cling to HKB”H all the time.

I wasn’t just any tzadik, but I also had an evil inclination, indeed not like that of a simple man. Perhaps you would say this is not so terrible. I could go up much more and when I arrived to the world to come and they said to me about how many sins I sinned upon them, this was really an embarrassment for a man like me. I felt so bad and so ashamed, and even with all this, I would have needed to be in gehinnom only a short time and after this they were already going to transfer me to Gan-Eden. But I wanted to clean up everything, so they sent me back as a fool so I should be able to help deliver messages to Am Yisrael; as an autistic who bothers people a lot, who need a lot of patience for me, because if not, then they get rid of me very fast, throwing me from place to place. People don’t have patience for autistics who do very difficult and disturbing things, but it’s all worthwhile because now I will have Gan-Eden and if Hashem will help me and I can hold out a little longer, then with G-d’s help, I will also receive Mashiach and I will enjoy the Beit Hamikdash, the korbanot and the world to come.