19 August 2011

"Glenn Interviews David Barton"

19 Menachem Av 5771

This is a transcription of a video interview done this past week in Jerusalem. It offers proof that the Glenn Beck event in Caesarea is a tribute to their man-god and to the beginnings of their false religion. Jews have no business attending!!!!

But, first, let's see who this David Barton is, who is so "instrumental" in bringing off these events in Israel? And what is the "Black Robe Regiment" that they mention?

Quoting Wikipedia:

David Barton is an American evangelical Christian minister, conservative activist and author. He is the founder of the group WallBuilders, a Texas-based organization that describes itself as "dedicated to presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built."

...Barton is a collector of early American documents, and his official biography describes him as "an expert in historical and constitutional issues." Barton holds no formal credentials in history or law, and critics (for example those discussed below) dispute the accuracy and integrity of his assertions about history, accusing him of practicing misleading historical revisionism and "pseudoscholarship." His research has been described as flawed by many historians, who dismiss his work as that of "a biased amateur who cherry-picks quotes from history and the Bible."

He was described in a 2005 Time magazine article entitled The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals as "a major voice in the debate over church-state separation" who, despite the fact that "many historians dismiss his thinking... [is] a hero to millions—including some powerful politicians." He has been described as a Christian nationalist and "one of the foremost Christian revisionist historians"; much of his work is devoted to advancing the idea, based upon research that many historians describe as flawed, that the United States was founded as an explicitly Christian nation. Barton has been featured on television and radio programs hosted by prominent figures in the American conservative movement, including former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Glenn Beck, who has praised Barton as "the Library of Congress in shoes."

The Black Robe Regiment has its own website (with crosses featured prominently). According to it:

"The Black Robe Regiment is a resource and networking entity where church leaders and laypeople can network and educate themselves as to our biblical responsibility to stand up for our Lord and Savior and to protect the freedoms and liberties granted to a moral people in the divinely inspired US Constitution."

Their mission is, in part:

"...To restore the American Church in her capacity as the Body of Christ, ambassadors of Christ, moral teacher of America and the World, and overseer of of all principalities and governing officials (Rom 13), as was rightfully established long ago (under the leadership of Moses, the first appointed head of the Children of Israel and of God--see Exo 18:13-27).

To engage the Body of Christ and Her shepherds (the ministers) to active participation in all levels of society, for this is Her mission as was commanded by Lord Jesus our Savior, who is the true and only King of this World. (John 1:1-18; Mt 25:31-34); Without the Church's participation in all levels of society morality is lost, corruption is a certainty. It is the Church's role to herald salvation, provide interpretation of Scripture, and to be the plumb-line of morality and discernment on all levels of our society...."

This is what you call Replacement Theology. On to the interview...

Glenn: ...David is the guy who helped put together the Black Robe Regiment last year and was instrumental on 8/28 to help me put that team together at the end of 8/28. He is helping again this year, um, put this together, because we have, this is, this is, what's the difference this year, David?

David: This year, I would say it's really gotten a lot deeper and a lot broader. I mean having 74 nations send representatives to be in Israel to say, "Hey! We stand for Israel." I mean, that's substantial stuff. The black-robe regiment was a great climax last year as everybody linked arm in arm. But those were Americans we were talking about, but now we're talking about 74 country representatives. This is substantial stuff.

Glenn: People are starting to roll in from all over the world over the next few days and people are coming from literally all over the world...

David: Literally!

Glenn: ...and some of them are really risking their lives to be here! And the climax of next Wednesday is, I think, is pretty staggering, because we launch something from the Temple Mount next week that is flipping, I think, everything, would you agree, flips everything upside down?

David: I would agree.

Glenn: Actually, it flips it all right side up.

David: Right. It's been upside down so long that when it goes right side up, it'll seem upside down. But it's not like dropping a pebble in a pond. It's like dropping a boulder in a pond.

Glenn: It really is, I mean, especially there. The rabbi said to me, he said that this place has power. This place has power and he's right! You can feel it! You can feel the power of the Temple Mount! It is the only place ever established by G-d as His throne. It is the only earthly throne of G-d, the G-d of Abraham.

David: We were just talking about it with the staff. I mean, when you walk in that place, you feel different. There is a feeling that has been there I guess since the beginning of time when G-d chose that place. But, it is a substantially different feeling from anywhere else in the city.

Glenn: It is the place where Abraham is said to have offered his son as a sacrifice there on that stone which is under the Dome of the Rock. It is the site of the Temples. It is, we are, literally, steps away from where Jesus turned the tables over and said, you know, "Don't you do this to my Father's house, don't you, ...get outa here!" And the only time I think that he, um, really blew a gasket, and you feel that way. The rabbi was doing the same thing to me in a very calm way. He was warning, "Don't do anything to desecrate this....", and I'm like, "Rabbi, you don't have to tell me." He smiled again and said, "I know, I just have to say it. It's my job to say it." It is a powerful place.

Glenn: Sunday is our first broadcast and there are preachers from where, all over the world?

David: All over the world, coming in. We'll have some really cool preachers sharing, really, a perspective that's very good. It'll kind of set the tone for the week, literally, at Caesarea. So what a great place to be. What an historical place to be.

Glenn: People don't know Caesarea.

David: Caesarea is right on the shores of the Mediterranean, I mean, it's right there at the heart of what went on. Pilate had his deal there, but it really goes back even to the book of Acts. This is where Paul was launched out, outside of Israel for the first time, was sent for trial and his first missionary journeys began. So, it really is the place that it
[Christianity] first rippled out from Israel to the rest of the world.

Glenn: And this coliseum that we're in. It's an old...

David: It's an old one, built by the Romans. It seats about 3800 folks. It's remarkable. You can stand there without any amplification and be heard by the entire theater. I mean, it did, what their audio work did was remarkable. But that coliseum is where we'll hold the event, a two-thousand-year-old coliseum.

Glenn: And this is a place where, I think, was it Pontius Pilate who wanted to kill...

David: Yes.

Glenn: Yeah, can you tell that story?

David: Actually, I had forgotten that story. It was told to me and I was so impressed, but I've forgotten that story, so you'll have to tell it yourself.

Glenn: I'm trying to remember myself. We're like two blind men here in the dark, but if I'm not mistaken, it was the place where Pontius Pilate first wanted to kill the Jews...

David: Yes.

Glenn: ...and they all came in. They got wind of it and they heard that he was gonna do it. And they said, when he comes and declares and the soldiers draw their swords, everybody just fall down on the ground and just lay there. He was so freaked out by that...

David: That's it.

Glenn: ...that it saved their lives and turned it around. It's also an amazing place, because, if I'm not mistaken, the guy who first tried to kill Jesus as a baby and ended up...

David: Herod.

Glenn: ..and ended up killing Jesus in the end, Pilate, it's the same...

David: Yep. Right there.

Glenn: ...it's the same palace. It's that palace.

David: That's right.

Glenn: And that palace is right there on the shore of the sea. It is a very remarkable place. I mean, to walk in that place and to realize... and they've still got the arena set up for chariot races. They had horse races and chariot races in that long arena, not the amphitheater where we'll be, but the arena right beside it. I mean, it is a ...you can just visualize things from two thousand years ago and how they went down.

Glenn: So, it is an amazing broadcast. It's four nights that you don't want to miss. Make sure that you join us. It begins on Sunday night from Caesarea, then Monday and Tuesday and the main event is on Wednesday. I urge you now to sign up for GBTV.com. Go there now. Sign up It's $4.99 a month. You'll get all of the coverage. It is a global event. A thousand different viewing parties all over the world, including China and Cuba and Pakistan and Bahrain. All over the world, people are gathering to watch this. Don't be left out. This is a mega-event that you don't want to miss! I think, last year, Restoring Honor was kind of the warm-up event of...

David: Well, this an exponential growth. This is a magnitude that's quite different. Last year was substantial. It changed the lives of everyone who was there, but this has grown from a ational to a global event and it will have the same impact on the globe that it had on the nation last year.

Glenn: Don't miss it! Sign up for it on GBTV.com.