10 August 2011

Completion of the Autistic Messages from 28 Jul '11

11 Menachem Av 5771

Moisheleh, motzaei Shabbat Kodesh, Korach 5771

I also want to tell you that time is very short. Previously, they discovered in a big surprise, things that already existed and still have not revealed. Fearful situations of important people, the rulers of the world, but doing things that are really more suited to the mentally ill and it will influence the whole world. After this, there will be situations in this world, on this planet, that will frighten everyone, even the animals will be afraid. It will be very amazing, very frightening and very many people will go from this world. And with all this, what does everyone worry about more than anything? Whether the dollar is going up or going down.

But there will be things much harder than this and much scarier than this. Yes, it's scary that suddenly the money will disappear and there won't be money to buy the most basic things, but it's small by comparison to what is standing before us and all according to the prophecies.

What more can possibly be said to you? To return to the truth? To return to HKB"H? To take out from our lives all the falsehood and all the materialism? That the men should return to the true tradition of Am Yisrael, to the Torah of Moshe and the women should return to the Yiddishkeit of Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah? I know that the majority will laugh at me, but this is what needs to be done, because if we don't do this, we will disappear from this world and from the world to come, chas v'shalom!

I want to say again that the basis for the hardest situations which face us in the nearest future are already ready and it will go to directions that we didn't dream of, at least the majority of people didn't dream of it. Therefore, I advise you to begin to learn, to see and to observe what is true and what is false, because if not, they will be the most difficult surprises to you. It will begin all over the world, the basis for all the wars already existing.

At no time did we say how many Jews will survive, but what is very clear is that many people stopped going with all sorts of modest additions [to their clothes] because of the street, because of people reacting in such a hard way that they are afraid to be real Jews. They don't have the courage of Chanah and her seven sons or of any other hero of Am Yisrael and it's not simple. That's not to say that all of these who don't walk in modesty are Erev Rav, simply that they don't have the spiritual strength to sacrifice for the sake of Judaism. But, Hashem will help and at some stage, the real Jews will, of course, return in teshuva, with G-d's help!

Daniel, 2 Tamuz 5771

I want to show you an additional direction of thought which will ease upon you the difficulties and fears of the birth stage, the transfer from this stage to the next stage - the redemption.

The only real eternal things are HKB"H, the Torah, the souls of Am Yisrael and the connection between them. ("קודשא בריך הוא, אורייתא וישראל חד הם" הזוהר הקדוש ח"ג עג.) All other elements of reality except for the mitzvot and Torah study are temporary, illusory and will disappear from the world. ("מה אנו, מה חיינו, מה כחנו, מה גבורתנו... הלא כל הגיבורים כאין לפניך... כי רוב מעשיהם תהו וימי חייהם הבל לפניך, ומותר האדם מן הבהמה אין, כי הכל הבל, לבד הנשמה הטהורה, שהיא עתידה לתן דין וחשבון לפני כסא כבודך..." מתוך תפילת שחרית). HKB"H knows that we cannot move all at once from this world to the world-to-come of Mashiach.

The world to come is a world without the evil inclination, a world that is all truth, a world that the whole will of man will be to go up more and more in spirituality, to get closer and closer to HKB"H. It will be such a spiritual abundance without the yetzer hara that people might go into shock and go crazy. Therefore, HKB"H will take us there stage after stage. But, also, we need to prepare ourselves leading up to this tremendous change. Not everyone will be capable of making real teshuva and without real teshuva, it's impossible to enter into the world that is all truth.

The first thing that we need is trust in Hashem, full trust in HKB"H. To know that everything is for our good. Also, even if the world around us turns upside down, disappears, we don't have, bombs are falling from the right and the earth is quaking from the left, don't fear any of it. Just trust in Hashem. ("והשבות אל לבבך כי ה' הוא האלוקים אין עוד מלבדו"). Second thing, love of Hashem ("ואהבת את ה' אלקיך בכל לבבך ובכל נפשך ובכל מאדך") and whoever loves the Father in Heaven simply needs to also love his real children ("ואהבת לרעך כמוך").

Whoever has in his hand sins of sinat chinam, lashon hara, theft, sins by coveting, lacks kedushah and won't do complete teshuva even after having seen and will see tremendous and frightening miracles that Hashem has brought and will bring upon us in the near future. There won't be a place for him in the world that is all truth.

If one will do teshuva now, sit on the floor, put sackcloth on the body and ashes on the head and cry with tears and will truly be sorry for all his sins, it's told and it's known that if we will pray to Hashem and ask forgiveness, then Hashem will cleanse us from all our sin and with G-d's help, he will be ready to enter the world to come, to the world of Mashiach and with G-d's help, will again bring korbanot to the Third Beit HaMikdash.


In light of this article, Iran says U.S. 'will be taught the mother of all lessons': Editorial warns of pending cyber attack on electrical grid, I bring these words of Aharale for review:

"Darkness, darkness, darkness, there will not be electricity, there won’t be water…and not only that, it won’t be possible to bring food from the shops or nothing, and no gas for the cars, and the biggest problem is with the water."

Or alternatively... Solar flare may affect power, communication

It makes sense that if Hashem destroyed all the gods of Egypt before it fell, that He would do the same to modern Rome. Money, military, technology....