04 August 2011

A Clash of Civilizations

4 Av 5771

They've done it again. Glenn Beck and crew have given us yet another reason to oppose their "8/24" extravaganza in Israel. Glenn says in one video, "They are attacking our faith, our common faith." But, in fact, it is he who is attacking the Jewish faith and it has nothing in common with his Christian faith. I will say for him that he is a faithful representative of the Eisavian West that he claims he is coming here to save. The trouble is it clashes with the deepest values of Judaism. And to save the West is paramount to trying to stop the geulah! Just like Egypt before it, the West is warped and it has to fall. We pray three times a day for it's collapse because that is the end of the exile!!

The latest "8/24" video shows Glenn's sidekick touring the Carmel market in Tel Aviv and touting it as a must-see for anyone making the trip with them. During his spiel, he makes the following revealing statement: "Israel is about the freedom to do what you want."

I would say to you that this idea of "freedom" to do as one pleases is an outright rebellion against the Sovereignty of G-d Almighty and to say davka in the Land of Israel is this idea embodied is an insult to its kedusha. This warped idea of freedom which is essential to the ideology of the Western mentality---"freedom" to worship other gods or no god and to entice others to do the same; "freedom" to "marry" in perversion; "freedom" to take life itself, whether it be an unborn child or a sick senior, etc---is an illusion built into the World of Lies. For one is either a slave to his own passions and desires or or he is a servant to the Master of the World, but either way his life is not his own and he is not free to "do as he pleases."

There is Law and there is a Lawgiver. There is a Judge and there is a Judgment. There is an accounting at the end of the day and a price tag to every action and everyone receives a bill that he will certainly pay.

When Glenn Beck says, "....I can tell you that there is an endgame afoot for man’s freedom and the Western way of life and I believe the end will begin in Israel. …Israel is the beginning of what could be the end for man’s freedom," he's right! But in the Jewish worldview, this is a good thing. It will be the end of man's rebellion against G-d's rule and the end of the desecration of G-d's Name. Finally, the entire world will bow before the King of all kings, HKB"H, and acknowledge that He is sovereign and that He is to be obeyed and served and worshipped. HE ALONE! And that is real freedom.