16 August 2011

Why it's an "abomination"

16 Menachem Av 5771

This is the way I described one of Glenn Beck's videos and someone who read the post, but who evidently did not view the video, said I didn't explain why it's an "abomination." If you listen to him, it should be self-evident, but maybe I give people too much credit. So, if you really need me to spell it out, the entire sixteen minute video has been transcribed below with my remarks interspersed. And I stand by my previous assertion: "If you, as a Jew, are comfortable with this, there is something seriously wrong with your neshamah."

Beck Announces Details of Jerusalem Event
Restoring Courage. It is the companion to Restoring Honor that we did in Washington, DC a year ago this August, 8/28. When I decided a couple of months ago to do Restoring Courage, we had been calling this project 8/29, because we were going to do it on the 29th of August. We are not doing it on the 29th. I am not doing it on the 28th either because that is the Sabbath. That is Sunday...

[Me: The Christian "Sabbath" on which they are allowed to do anything they want since there are no restrictions in their religion.]

...And I don't want to make this, um, break anybody's Sabbath and I also don't want to make this about anyone's religion.

[Yeah, he says that and then proceeds to make it exactly that! Talking about Jeezuz turning over tables and teaching at the steps to the Temple Mount and making the first event a strictly Christian event, albeit with others invited.]

...Not having it on Friday, not having it on Saturday, not having it on a Sunday. When I went over to Israel last week, to tell you the truth, I got on the plane out of obedience.

[Get ready now. He's going to go all mystical on you and describe his "Divine" calling.]

...This has been on my head now for how many months? And I have fought it, quite honestly, because I know we're working on another project and I know what kind of time this is and I also knew what this could mean. And I'm tired of being in the center of a storm, quite honestly, no matter what the press might tell you. But, I got on the plane out of obedience and I said to the guys when we were in the airport, "This may be just an Abraham kind of thing, you know. hey, Glenn! You wanna put everything up on that stack of sticks over there, ok?" To see if I would do it...

[Well, he already claimed to be Ruth and Queen Esther, so now he's going for Abraham and Moshe Rabbeinu. At least he finally got the gender right.]

... And I was really hoping, when I was over there, When we were there looking at locations, I had my security detail with me to give us an idea of where the most secure place would be. I had a political advisor over there, what's gonna be politically the least offensive. I had a couple of spiritual advisors with me. And I went to place after place and at first, we looked at the stadium. We drove by that and I said, "just keep driving. No, no." We looked at several places and I knew it had to be in Jerusalem and isn't it interesting that this week, the president divides Jerusalem. I was outside of the city wall on the second day that I was there and I was in a place, what was it called, Sultan's Pools? Yep, Sultan's Pools, and I was in Sultan's pool and I looked at Joe, my chief of staff and David Barton, who was there, and they said, "What are you thinking?" And I said, "This isn't it. In fact, I feel hostile to this." Then, we prayed and David said, "What are you feeling?" And I said, "All I can hear in my head is "Take off your sandals, this is sacred ground."

[See? Moshe Rabbeinu! And notice the two quesiotns they ask him. "What are you thinking? ...What are you feeling?" Remember what I said about this yesterday? Thoughts and feelings are highly unreliable witnesses of truth.]

...And that's when I knew. When I said it, that's when I knew. I said, "Get everybody in the vans." We had these two big vans. We got in and I said to the driver, "Take me back to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount." Somebody in the car said, "You, we, we, we can't do it..." I said just, "Please?" We went back and there is this road that kind of looks, you can drive up and you can overlook and see, and I think some of the pictures of that are at glennbeck.com. And I'm looking at the southern wall of the Temple Mount. It's called the southern wall excavation site. It is on the west, the western wall, right there at the corner of the western wall and the southern wall of the Temple Mount, at the western side of that corner is where Jesus turned the tables over; the literal place where he turned the tables over. On the southern wall, are the steps that went into the Temple Mount. The steps are, they were used by Solomon, and that's where Jesus most likely taught at the Temple when they went and they said, "Where is he?" It's most likely where they found him, were on those steps. That...

[Now he chokes up and gets emotional; has trouble speaking.]

...that, that is the site,...

[More emotion, he can't speak for several seconds. With a shaky voice, he says,...]

...On August 24th, I ask you to meet me there. Inside the walls of old Jerusalem. Those stairs, at that site. Now, I'm not going to get into what exactly this event will be like. But, if you were at 8/28 in August, I will tell you that my gut tells me it is Restoring Honor, that feeling that you had times a thousand. Because of security, on that site, there will only be 600 tickets. I believe there are 1600 tickets worldwide that will be available to actually stand on that site. There are only 600 tickets for the United States that we have allocated. You can go and you can stand up on the streets, you can be on the Western Wall, ...

[Thanks for taking what little we actually have set aside for Judaism, Glenn. Why don't we just get of your way and let you have it? I mean, we gave the Temple Mount to the Muslims, so why don't we just let you Christians have the retaining walls? Now that you have told the entire world that the southern steps are a "sacred" Christian holy site because of what Jeezuz did there...]

...you can be in all that area, but because this is such a sacred site, there will be, we are positioning, I believe, one jumbotron in that area and it will be so if you are looking down at it, we will show you a picture of it at glennbeck.com, I'm sure they put the picture there. But where I was standing and you will see I'm pointing to things, you can stand there. We believe that that area, assuming that all of the streets will be closed, even Washington DC said they wouldn't close the streets until they saw how many people were coming. We believe that if those streets are closed, then maybe about 15,000 people can fit in that one area.
[Yeah, between the Al Aksa Mosque and Silwan at the end of Ramadan, they're gonna pack thousands of stupid goyim and even stupider Jews.]

We have permits and waivers and everything that we can possibly get. We have rented or held almost every venue in the Old City or the space in the Old City.

[Not true. First night is in Caesarea, the second at the Old Train Station outside the Old City.]

And I said to the mayor of Jerusalem, "I want to make this almost plug-n-play." That if we start to get indications that more people, because I don't know how many people will come...
[He gets all emotional again and get's a crack in his voice.]

...I just know that I will be there.
[Choking back tears, for several seconds he can't speak. He needn't have worried, it was all sold out awhile ago. Maybe even when he was saying this.]

So, as we get indications on how many people will come from around the world, or even how many people will come from Israel, we will then continue to add the locations. Now, the week leading up. I can't give you details of this yet, but we have two other events that will be happening that week. One of them is going to be on Sunday, the 21st. I believe the first event is Sunday the 21st and that is going to be a very spiritual and religious event.
[So much for it not being about anyone's religion!]

I believe, Joe, that we are making that a Christian event. Are we not? I mean other faiths will be there, but it is a Christian event. I'm not asking you to make this into an ecumenical event where we're saying, "Bring all of our religions together and let's make one big religion."
[Of course not, he believes that Christianity is the right one.]

...I've read the end of the book, I know that's not a good idea...

[He's referring to the end of the Christian's book which sees the destruction of a one-world religion invented by the antichrist.]

...What I'm asking you to do, is stand with each other. We have our theological differences, but stand with each other. So, on Sunday, that will be an event that will be, and all of these events will be broadcast and we will tell you how and where in the coming weeks, but we will broadcast that event from an unbelievable location itself, yet to be named, and we will also explain exactly who's going to be at that event and what that event will be. But we're making that available on that day worldwide, so churches, hopefully, because it will be a Sunday night in Jerusalem, which is what, eleven or twelve noon? I think it's eleven am eastern time. And we're hoping that people will either watch that after church or at church, but make it available for anybody that will want that, to gear you up for this event. The next event, it's the trilogy! The next event I can't announce yet, but I can tell you, I told Pat and Stu about it this morning. I believe this one will be, all three of them, are going to be unbelievably powerful, but I believe this one and I can only pull this off if these things sell because I already don't know how I'm paying for these. But, the next event...

[He chokes up again, right on cue.]

...will be...

[He pauses to compose himself.]

...that event alone will be one of the most powerful events...

[Another pause with tears in his eyes and voice]

...that you've ever seen or witnessed.

[More choking up. What a showman! What a sham! He doesn't say it here, but since this time, he announced it will be a film about the holocaust. G-d forbid! He seems fixated on holocaust imagery; of Israel down and beaten and in need of a savior.]

...And then, on August 24th, Restoring Courage at the Temple Mount at the southern wall. Pictures of the site and all the information is in one place. You can find it at glennbeck.com/israel. Now, you can go there on your own, but these are, because of security, these are ticketed events. The 8/24 event is only ticketed for the southern wall excavation site. You can be around that. It's like going into Washington and saying you can only be at the Lincoln Memorial if you have a ticket, but you can be, you know, next to a tree or under a tree and, you know, still witness or be a part of the event. And there will be jumbotrons. But, because of the sacredness of that site...

[Actually it is no more "sacred" than the rest of Jerusalem, but now he is attempting to make it into a "sacred" Christian religious site!]

...you must have a ticket and there is only one way to get it. You can go to glennbeck.com/israel and we are, in this country, we are selling them with packages and what the packages will include...there's two different groups that we have selected. They're independent. They are not affiliated with me. I am not endorsing either one of these groups. I'm not saying that, you know, I've laid out these packages. ...I know the people involved in these.

[Typical Beck. These people are not "affiliated" with him, but they are people he knows.]

...I don't know what they've done on the rest of the tours. Some of them, I think, isn't one of them taking you to the Sea of Galilee and doing that? I haven't been on their tours. That's what I'm trying to say, haven't been on their tours. I hear these guys are very good. There's two separate places you can buy them. Are both gonna be up by the end of the show? One is already up now. And what they are is we've selected these two tour operators and they've come up with their own hotels and airfare packages and everything else and there's two packages to choose from. There's the "I want to go to the Restoring Honor [sic] event, but I can't do the, I can't do the southern excavation ticket, but I want to be there and I also want to have the other two events. You can do that. The other is the premium package which would get you one of the 600 tickets available here in America and that event, that ticket will also get you into the other two. This is all airfare. This is all food. This is all hotels. I said to the guys, I want to be able to tell my audience this the price, leave your wallet at home. I don't recommend that cuz you'll have a problem getting on the airplane, but leave your wallet at home, this is the price. Find out all the information now at glennbeck.com/israel. Again, August 24th at the Temple Mount, at the southern wall excavation site, the events for Restoring Courage will begin Sunday, August 21st and run through August 24th. It will be broadcast here in America and all throughout the world...

[But only on GBTV, Beck's own network, for the price of membership.]

...We will have other ways for you to be involved in case you cannot go over to Israel. We'll give you those details beginning on Monday, but if you want to go, do not buy your tickets and be scammed by anyone. There's only two places that have the tickets that will get you into everything. People are already using my image, my name and everything else. I warn you, travel agents, if you are doing that, we will come after you like a pack of wild dogs. Do not scam my audience on this. There's two available. Only two that will give you the deals that we are talking about and the tickets. And you'll find them at glennbeck.com/israel. I recommend that you buy your tickets today if you want for the southern wall excavation site....

If you still don't get it, I can't help you and it's possible no one else can either.