06 October 2009


This is a very, very sad day. The rabbis are trying to do good, but since they do not understand what they are dealing with, they make a chillul Hashem.

It's hard to make Jews understand the language perversion of the Yeshu "believers"---how they can use terms like "Hashem echad" and yet still be the same old Christian of yesterday.

The man says "every Christian" should make this declaration, but he does not consider himself a Christian but a "believer." This is for one reason only. He knows that the word Christian turns off the Jew. But when a "believer" in Yeshu says "HaShem", he thinks YESHU. And when he prays to "HaShem," he pictures YESHU in his mind. And when he says "echad", he means three-in-ONE.

This group of rabbis does a great disservice to Hashem and to Am Yisrael by representing itself as a "Sanhedrin" and attempting to kasher idolaters in His (and our) name.

G-d help us and save us from such a "Sanhedrin."


  1. הלכות עבודה זרה פרק ט:ד הנוצריים עובדי עבודה זרה הן, ויום ראשון יום אידם הוא. לפיכך אסור לשאת ולתת עימהן בארץ ישראל, יום חמישי ויום שישי שבכל שבת ושבת; ואין צריך לומר יום ראשון עצמו, שהוא אסור בכל מקום. וכן נוהגין עימהן, בכל אידיהן.

    Can't get much clearer than the Ramba"m.

    So the "sanhedrin" didn't investigate enough, and don't know enough about Christianity to investigate enough.

    The Sanhedrin is supposed to be fluent in Avodah Zarah, so that they will be able to rule on it.

  2. Billy Jack Dial
    From my learning, that the Seven laws only apply to gentiles living within Israel under the jurisdiction of “FULL” Sanhedrin, and at which time the Temple is rebuilt. So what about my gentile soul whom rejected the Covenants of Adam, of Noah, of Abraham, and at Sinia? It’s no one’s fault but my own gentile soul (Nefesh Hiya) which came to me in a state of impurity and devoid of a Neshmat Chayah from my forefather’s bad decisions and which they are to blame and not me. And I accept that. Bottom line is that my gentile soul is distained to expire. I know that my My Nefesh Hiya expires upon the death of my body, and that the seven laws will not give me a higher soul Neshmat Chayah which is a prerequisite to extend into the World to Come. I accept me for whom I am and I move on from there. However know this; there are other options for the goy to be reinstated with the Neshmat Chayah without full conversion to Judaism.

  3. Mr. Dial, you have been misinformed. The seven Laws apply to all gentiles everywhere at all times. Those gentiles who follow them for the simple reason that the Creator commanded it, will have a share in the World to Come. Only He and you know where you fit into the greater scheme of things.

    My complaint is with anyone and everyone who obfuscates the Truth either through ignorance (certain rabbis) or through deceptions (all followers of false gods and false religions).

    It is encumbent upon the members of the real Sanhedrin to know enough about the false systems to know how to examine these applicants and get at the truth of what they believe and don't believe. This is not even something they should be doing at this time. It is completely meaningless. Their actions confer no rights or privileges or entitlements.

    The sad part is that it just points up very painfully how far we still are from the complete redemption.

  4. In reply to "been misinformed" we all have not been completly educated on the strengths and purpose of the Seven laws.

    In addressing your complaint, I and 9 others being the first to appear before the Sanhedrin rabbis to give a pledge, I recognized this problem, and I have personally offered my services to investigate the background of the applicants seeking the pledge prior to the event.
    Thank you!

  5. The basics on the Seven Laws are accurate and well-publicized. The particulars are more difficult, but the basics will still get you onto the right path.

    The "Sanhedrin" has all the resources it needs at its disposal without troubling you to investigate anyone. It is for THEM and their Jewish agents to take care of the court's proper business.

    If you don't mind my asking, for what purpose did you take a "pledge" and what did you hope to gain from it? It certainly doesn't sound as if you were properly tested or instructed on your obligations at that time.

  6. A comment for Devash. The particulars for the 7 laws are getting much easier to understand now that we have the first volume of the Noahide Kitzur published. We have been having an online class for over a year now going over the first volume of The Divine Code. The class is being led by Rabbi Dov Yitzchak. We are anxiously awaiting for the 2nd volume to be released in English so we can continue our studies.
    For anyone interested in seeing what we are studying, we do have an archive of the lessons at http://noahideclass.com