06 October 2009


This is a very, very sad day. The rabbis are trying to do good, but since they do not understand what they are dealing with, they make a chillul Hashem.

It's hard to make Jews understand the language perversion of the Yeshu "believers"---how they can use terms like "Hashem echad" and yet still be the same old Christian of yesterday.

The man says "every Christian" should make this declaration, but he does not consider himself a Christian but a "believer." This is for one reason only. He knows that the word Christian turns off the Jew. But when a "believer" in Yeshu says "HaShem", he thinks YESHU. And when he prays to "HaShem," he pictures YESHU in his mind. And when he says "echad", he means three-in-ONE.

This group of rabbis does a great disservice to Hashem and to Am Yisrael by representing itself as a "Sanhedrin" and attempting to kasher idolaters in His (and our) name.

G-d help us and save us from such a "Sanhedrin."