27 October 2009

20 MarCheshvan 5770

I am not one to play around with dates. As far as I can recollect, this is a first for this blog. I'm not saying this is for sure, we won't know until the day arrives, but there is a very strong possibility that 20 MarCheshvan will mark a turning point in this long and drawn-out geula process. It falls out this year on Shabbat Parshat Vayera, 7 Nov '09.

A second date to watch is 20 Kislev / 7 Dec. If the details as described in Sefer Eliyahu materialize this year, then we can extrapolate from that how much longer we might have to strengthen ourselves and each other to make it through these very turbulent times.

In my opinion, riots and unrest on the Temple Mount throughout the entire week of Sukkot was a very big sign of what's to come. MarCheshvan 7 it started up again. As reported, "extremists on both sides" believe that facts must be made on the ground in order to advance their side's agenda. Both Jews and Arabs are being provoked into upsetting the status quo.


But, this is good, because while the "status quo" is being maintained, no progress is being made. I believe there will be war with Iran, but I don't think it will be fought over their nuclear aspirations. Rather, it will be about Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Iran: Zionists threat to all

"Today we see that applying force in Gaza was not enough for them (Israel) so they are attacking holy Jerusalem," the Iranian leader (Achmadinejad) added.

Some people are worried that the world is preparing to try to take our nukes away in exchange for Iran giving up theirs.

Iran: World can't block our atomic program while Israel has nukes

But I think this whole thing about nukes is a smoke screen for what they are really after. Zekharya 14 describes the nations coming to "divide" our "spoils" in our midst. Well, the nations have been saying for quite some time now that the "spoils" of the Six Days War are not rightfully ours and that we have to "give them back," i.e. Yehuda, Shomron and "eastern" Jerusalem, which includes the entire Old City with the Western Wall and Temple Mount. And Zekharya goes on to say that "half" the city will go into exile---the eastern "half"?

Logically, the West will see the eruption of hostilities between Arabs and Jews to be a prime opportunity for them to come and take it over claiming that neither of us can administrate it, so they will do the job for us. And I believe that THIS will be the catalyst for war with Iran, who is positioning itself to be the defender of the faith for the entire Muslim world. They no doubt believe that a clash over Jerusalem will advance their vision of redemption just as our prophets foretold for us.

Watch this continue to unfold over the next few weeks.


  1. war start india and pakistan


  2. Devash, it's possible. Even the planet situation (which is a reflection of the earth) is incredibly strange and reflects violence. G-d forbid, but like I have said many times sadly, that we are in for a very rough ride.

    Shabbat Shalom