06 October 2009

Third Day Chol Hamoed TM News

Evening Update: (AP)Israeli police bring reinforcements to Jerusalem
— Israeli police mobilized reinforcements from across the country to secure volatile Jerusalem on Tuesday, deploying thousands of officers on city streets for fear days of clashes with Palestinian protesters would escalate.

Police Arrest Sheikh Salah for Incitement, Prepare for Riots(IsraelNN.com) Police Tuesday night arrested Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raad Salah for instigating the Arab riots that have wrought violence by Arabs in Jerusalem this week. Further riots are feared, both as a reaction to the arrest and to the planned cornerstone ceremony Wednesday for a new Jewish neighborhood in the Jabal Mukhaber area of eastern Jerusalem.

...Salah’s arrest followed another riot in eastern Jerusalem on Tuesday, when one policeman was wounded as 100 Arabs hurled rocks at officers and tried to block a road in a Jewish neighborhood.

(Debka)Israeli security forces are braced for the Islamic violence to peak Friday, Oct. 9, after the television preacher Yusuf Qardawi, spiritual leader of the international Muslim Brotherhood movement, urged all Muslims to mark that day by "defending Al Aqsa" against the shrine's takeover by "the Jews." His influence is enough to bring inflamed Muslims streaming to Jerusalem in Friday. [Hoshana Raba!]
Abbas: Jews buying J'lem

Jordan to Israel: Don't let Jews onto Temple Mount

Islamic leader tells Haaretz: Temple Mount clashes won't end until occupation of Jerusalem does

Palestinian official: Israel deliberately sparking fire in Jerusalem
A senior Palestinian official on Tuesday accused Israel of deliberately creating "an extremely dangerous situation" in East Jerusalem, to trigger violence, justify a crackdown and tighten its grip on the disputed city.

"Israel is lighting matches in the hope of sparking a fire, deliberately escalating tensions in occupied East Jerusalem rather than taking steps to placate the situation," chief peace negotiator Saeb Erekat said in a statement before meetings later this week with U.S. President Barack Obama's envoy.

Raed Salah: We will pay any price to defend Aqsa Mosque
Salah, who leads the Islamic Movement's northern branch, called on all Israeli Arabs and residents of east Jerusalem to immediately make their way to the Old City and "shield the mosque with their bodies."

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