05 October 2009

Second Day Chol HaMoed Update

(I have a feeling that this situation is destined to escalate. Watch for new additions throughout the day.)

Evening Update: PA: World must prevent Judaization of Jerusalem
...Palestinians have warned that the tensions flaring over access to a holy compound housing the al-Aqsa mosque, an area also revered by Jews as the site of an ancient temple, could, on the background of stalled peace talks, ignite a third uprising.

..."The Palestinian cabinet calls on all international, Arab and Muslim elements to take responsibility for the developments in Israel and force it to put off its attempts to take over Jerusalem and Judaize it," the statement read.

...Ilan Franco, Israel's police chief for Jerusalem, appealed for calm, condemning what he called some isolated people "from all sectors (who) are generating a warlike atmosphere.

Sheikh Khatib: Temple Mount events mark start of difficult era

"The recent events in Jerusalem's Old City mark the beginning of a difficult period, Sheikh Kamal Khatib, the deputy head of the Islamic Movement's branch in northern Israel, told Ynet on Monday, "The al-Aqsa Mosque is ours, and Jerusalem is our city....

Addressing the Muslim world's mild response to the developments in east Jerusalem, Khatib said, "If people in Israel think that that the Muslims are silent, they are gravely mistaken. History has showed us that the Islamic faith will eventually erupt, and when it does there is no telling how things will end."

Afternoon Update: Arabs angered by Franco's remarks

The Arab public was enraged Monday by remarks made by Jerusalem District Police Commander Aharon Franco, who, following recent riots at the Temple Mount say "Arabs are ungrateful".

...After a relatively quiet morning at the Temple Mount, it seems Franco's statement is only faming the flames. The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee on Monday decided to go to Jerusalem on Tuesday to visit the al-Aqsa Mosque.

..."I fear the events of 2000 may be repeated, and I hope that the government is responsible enough to make the decision to allow Muslims to enter the Temple Mount as usual, and not continue to deny entry. Denying entry is a dangerous thing that will lead to a disaster."

[Read the article in its entirety. They are taking the words right out of our own mouths!]

J'lem: Salah supporters march from Temple Mount to Wadi Joz
Sheikh Raed Salah, who was in Wadi Joz, urged the followers to come in masses to the Temple Mount and said, "We will liberate al-Aqsa with blood and with fire."

[Unwitting prophecy???] Sheikh: Tensions on Temple Mount are start of difficult era

Palestinians throw rocks at haredim on Mount of Olives
By Abe Selig

Palestinian youths threw rocks at haredim on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives Monday, as thousands of Jewish worshippers flocked to the nearby Western Wall for the Priestly Blessing, and tensions were rising in the area surrounding the Temple Mount.

...Jordan on Sunday evening rebuked Israel for the clashes earlier in the day and expressed dismay at Jerusalem's decision to restrict entry to the Temple Mount on Monday.

Israel's ambassador in Amman, Yaakov Rosen, was summoned for a meeting with the head of Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh's bureau. Rosen was handed a letter demanding that Israel immediately stop the "disturbances" in east Jerusalem and at the Aksa Mosque.

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said that in the meeting, Rosen stressed that Israel has been handling the situation responsibly, responding with restraint despite the violent provocation by hostile Muslim groups.

Rosen explained that Israel acted legally, and that the clashes in the Old City would not have erupted had the Muslims not incited violence.

Judeh also sent a letter of protest to the ambassadors of the five permanent member-states of the UN Security Council, in which he called on the council to pressure Israel over the matter.

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