11 October 2009

Post Holiday Report on TM News

'Palestinians don't want third intifada'

While police lifted restrictions on entrance to al-Aksa Mosque, Fatah Central Committee member Muhammad Dahlan on Sunday warned that riots in Jerusalem would not end as long as "settlers" were allowed to enter the Temple Mount compound.

...However, Dahlan stressed that the Palestinians were not interested in a third intifada or in clashes with IDF soldiers.

The Fatah official went on to draw a comparison between suicide attacks and the establishment of West Bank settlements, saying there is no difference between blowing up a bus in Tel Aviv and stealing Palestinian lands.

Column One: The newest round of war

An atmosphere of fantasy pervaded US President Barack Obama's Middle East peace processor George Mitchell's meetings with Israeli leaders on Thursday. In separate photo opportunities, Mitchell stood next to President Shimon Peres and Defense Minister Ehud Barak and pledged to surmount all obstacles to achieve peace not only between Israel and the Palestinians but between Israel and Syria and Lebanon and with the whole Arab world.

Mitchell's remarks were even more stunning than similar statements from him during previous visits, because this week the Palestinians launched their newest terror campaign against Israel. Like previous rounds of Palestinian terror against Jews beginning in 1929, the latest round has been precipitated by wholly fabricated claims by Muslim leaders that Israel is asserting Jewish rights to the Temple Mount - Judaism's most sacred site - and so endangering the Muslim claim to the sole right to worship at the site that was never even mentioned in the Koran.

Israel lifts restrictions on entry to Temple Mount

Israel on Sunday lifted the restrictions it had imposed on entry to Jerusalem's Temple Mount, following a period of heightened tensions at the holy site, which houses the Jewish Western Wall and the Muslim Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In light of sporadic clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police in the area, and calls by Palestinians and Israeli Arabs to "protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque" in recent days, Israel restricted the entry of Muslim men under the age of 50, and prohibited Jews from entering the mosque compound altogether.

On Saturday, the Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported that Israel had agreed to allow some 400 Muslims, who barricaded themselves inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the recent riots, to leave the compound without being arrested.

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  1. Hmm; "...wholly fabricated claims by Muslim leaders that Israel is asserting Jewish rights to the Temple Mount...."

    Here's a thought: Maybe by making these fabricated claims the Muslims are unconsciously signalling to us what we should be doing? (After all, in the grand scheme of things hostile goyim are really just HaShem's tools for getting us back on the right track, nachon?)