10 February 2008

The Nature of Our War (Part 2)

We must never forget that we are fighting on every front. We are at war with Yishmael, with Eisav, with the Erev Rav and with Amalek---both within and without. No wonder we are faint!

Some short-sighted people are focused on the in-your-face, to-the-death struggle with Yishmael while Eisav tries an end-run around us. (Bet you never saw so many hyphenated words in one sentence! ;-)

It's time to speak a bit about Eisav/Edom---Western Civilization---most adequately represented by Am-reika whose major icon---Coca Cola---epitomizes it. It's a non-food masquerading as food, but with absolutely no nutritional value at all. It's known as...Empty Calories!

But what a pretty image it is!

That's what counts with Eisav. The outer appearance, not the inner substance, the shell, if you please.

The Stone Edition Commentary on Parashat Toldot reveals the following about Eisav's character:

"...He [Eisav] became adept at trapping his father by asking questions that would make him appear to be unusually pious. He would ask, for example, how tithes should be taken from salt and straw [although he knew full well that they were not subject to tithes]."

And things haven't changed much among his spiritual offspring.

This is a picture of a group of Hebrew Christians holding a Hachnasat Torah in Houston, Texas. Do they look Jewish? That's as far as their Judaism goes. They've got the look, the feel and the jargon down pat, but underneath, it's still the same old religion of Eisav---idolatrous. Hey! They don't call it "American Idol" for nothing!!

The trouble with these people is that they believe it is their God-ordained destiny to export their empty culture and vacuous values to the rest of the world with a special focus on Israel. On a soul-level, they surely realize that the only truth permeating their Olam Hasheker is to be found in the 'Judeo' part of their Judeo-Christian (sic) foundation. So now, in these final days of the present reality, like the klipot that they truly are, they are latching onto anything Jewish and holy and clinging to it for dear life.

The trouble is, it doesn't stop there. Ever hear the old adage, "Familiarity breeds contempt"? That's what is happening among the goyim who have become too familiar with Jews and things Jewish.

Few fundamentalist Christians from the Southern US ever had any dealings with Jews growing up, but then, in the last few decades, 'Jewish' became de rigueur and we shot to celebrity status. They were enchanted, couldn't get enough. But then came the morning after, the light of day shone too brightly and our flaws became all too obvious.

Once they'd found Artscroll and Soncino and discovered Shlomo and Rebbe Nachman; bought tallit with techelet, kippot, and shofarot, they looked in the mirror and then over at us and they couldn't tell the difference. They began to imagine that they could out-Jew us any day of the week and especially on Shabbat. They began to imagine a lot of other things, too--none of them good for the Jews, let me tell you!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so a video must be worth at least ten times that. Take a look at what has happened in the southern city of Arad in Israel and multiply it by every "believer" in the IDF, and every Aid Worker distributing clothes and food and furniture to the Russian and Ethiopian olim and every "Friend" of Israeli settlements, and every comforter of the Victim of Terror and Host to a Lone Soldier. Like Amalek, the incestuous offspring of Eisav and Yishmael, these are the ones they've identified as the weakest prey among us, straggling and struggling at our rear.

See what happens to Christian "love" when it is crossed.


  1. So true. As it says in Vayishlah:
    Hatzileini Na Miyad Ahi Miyad Eisav - whether he comes as a brother, as he has mostly done in the past 40-50 years - or whether he comes as Eisav, as he has done prior to that, we ask that Hashem save us.

  2. Thanks, Yaak. Did you already know about what's happening down in Arad or was this news to you?

  3. Unfortunately, I cannot see the video (due to my company blocking it).
    I can just imagine.

  4. Yaak, the first video is an interview of the missionaries describing their "minstry" and the "persecution" mounted against them by the "Chassidei Gur." Among other things, they describe the Jews as "Pharisees", "wearng black and beards."

    In the second video it shows the main missionary physically attacking the Jews. He rips one's coat down the back and punches him repeatedly and then they move to the street where the missionary runs his car up onto the sidewalk and forces the Jews to scatter, then he jumps out and physically attacks them again with fists and knees.

    These are very, very nasty people and I don't know why they have a right to continue living in Israel.

  5. They will have to be driven out with the Arabs as they are just as wicked

  6. Even more so, in my opinion, since at least Yishmael believes he belongs in this land and is only fighting for what he believes is his, but these people come from half a world away simply to destroy us.