10 February 2008

I Want to Scream!

I am sick to death of the sight and reports of more splattered flesh and blood-soaked streets, of more embittered lives and ruined futures. It makes me want to scream and never stop until the breath leaves my body forever.

Hashem sent us a savior and the majority rejected him and maligned him. Rav Meir David Kahane, ztz"l, Hy"d, had all the answers, had all the solutions, had the cure to what ails us. If we had only been able to understand it at the time, we could have bypassed the Oslo years, the Al-Aksa Intifada, the Quartet's Road Map, the Expulsion from Gaza, the threat to YoSh and Holy Yerushalayim, the dead and maimed and traumatized---all of it!! But, no. We insisted on our own way, the 'morally pure' way, the way of the 'civilized' nations of the west. Better we should sacrifice our children, our minds and our futures than to "sink to the level of our enemies." Poor foolish, misguided, disobedient children not pitied.

"Rise up, Hashem, confront him and bring him to his knees; rescue my soul from the wicked one, who is Your sword." (Tehillim 17:13)

Hashem empowers our enemies against us in order to punish, reprove and correct us. They are merely tools in His mighty hand, but what do we have here? A "sword"!? This is not the tool of correction. It is an implement of death and destruction that is turned against an enemy. Are we no longer children, then but enemies to Our Father in Heaven? Is our G-d making war upon us? Have we really sunk so far?

Fall on your face! Let tears stream down! Let your eyes puff up and your nose run and your throat choke on the tears that cannot stop. Tears of sorrow and regret for our arrogance, our willfulness, our apathy, our insensitivity; tears for all the pain and loss and irreversible destruction that we have caused and may yet result from our refusal to repent.

Hashem will not send another Meir David Kahane, though that is exactly what we need and exactly what is required to get the job of redemption done, until we are ready to break our will and bend it to His, or until He breaks us down Himself or until only the remnant who was always willing to submit themselves and follow are all that are left.

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