11 February 2008

Life in Israel is not all Doom & Gloom

What a difference a week(+) makes!

In the last ten days since the snowfall, we Yerushalmim have been enjoying a foretaste of spring. I carried my camera with me on a walk to the store the other day and took some shots of newly blossomed flowers, some fruit trees, and a pine heavily loaded with cones. (Squirrels love them in the States, but no squirrels in Israel.)

Since the weather report calls for an end to the balmy weather with a new winter storm approaching tonight, I thought I'd preserve a bit of it here and share it with you.

And in keeping with the spirit of this blog, I recorded the Tsiporim in and around the Tomer outside my window. The birds are simply crazy with happiness. They know they are privileged to be living in "The Palace of the King." Enjoy!


  1. Sorry for the poor quality of the video. I'm still learning how to use this function of the camera. Kept trying to get a better angle on it. I'll do better next time, b"H.

  2. thanks for the beautiful pictures. And the video, the sound of the birds - amazing. I always listen to the birds, trying to understand the song they are singing in praise to HKB'H.