11 February 2008

Mark My Words...

'IDF ready to expand activity'

Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi tells hundreds of senior IDF officers 'army is prepared to expand its activity in accordance with the (government's) decisions.' Southern Command chief: Gaza will soon reach boiling point....

This is all about cheshbonot. Judging by past remarks in the wake of flare-ups in the conflict, this is about waiting for a high body count attack (God forbid!) that they feel will allow them to hit back hard and not lose international support. It's a calculation based on what will the gentiles think?

You know what? It's doomed to failure. Mark my words. If they really do hit back at Gaza---hard---the next day, there will be an international force here. You see, the other side is making its cheshbonot, too. And they are pushing, pushing, pushing until we give them the excuse they need to justify their forceful intervention. It's almost like a weird game of chicken.

Lest anyone misread me. Don't think for a minute that I don't think we have to hit Gaza with everything we've got... and more, but as is obvious to anyone with half a brain cell, the optimal time for doing this without major adverse repercussions was... a long time ago.

Suddenly, everything is going to go terribly wrong for Olmert and his crew.

But keep the faith, people! Gam zu l'tova!!