13 February 2008

Preparing for Geula

While we have been in the process of redemption these last few years, many of us have come to view the State of Israel and all its institutions as vehicles for that redemption and therefore possessing inherent sanctity. I believe current events show this idea to be in error. It is the People, the Land and the Torah which are the vehicles for redemption. The State and it's institutions are the camouflage which prevents most of the world and the Sitra Achra from realizing this until it is too late to stop it. (See The Messianic Process by Rabbi Aryeh Carmell.)

Since until now, the process seems to be evolving naturally from one step to the next, my feeling is that most of the religious Zionist public, led by groups like Women-in-Green and Manhigut Yehudit, are erroneously expecting to reach the goal by this same route. I don't believe this is so and it is important to understand why not, so bear with me while I attempt to explain my thinking.

We appear to be well on the way to redemption in it's time, a scenario which precludes the complete rectification of the Erev Rav, in my opinion. Though it looks like we are all on the same path together, this is a necessary illusion. In fact, we are on parallel tracks. When we arrive at the end of the process, the final step will bring us into a new reality that will require a leap---an ascension, if you will and this is where the two paths diverge. The righteous and the faithful will arrive to the top of "Har Sinai" while those on the parallel path, those undeserving, who are attached to the klippot, will instead fall over a cliff, figuratively speaking.

The final step is not possible in the present reality or through the agency of any institution that belongs to this reality, so those who cling to it will prevent themselves from rising above it. This is the only guarantee we have that there will never be another Eigel Hazahav incident to mar the complete redemption. Put very simply, those who cannot get with the program doom themselves to be eliminated from it.

We have to search our minds, our hearts and our souls every minute of every day; examine our thoughts and intents, our words and actions, to know if we are attached to things which might weigh us down and prevent us from taking that leap---the final step UP.

(I hope גילוי will comment as to his understanding of the GR"A's position on the "last step" in Kol HaTor.)


  1. Very interesting thought, as always.

    See Hashem1.net's post (Hebrew) who quotes Rav Zer, who talks about the Erev Rav and the Birur. He also quotes the Maharal that Rav Carmel quotes.

  2. What you have described is an absolute worst case scenario. According to what I have learned, that is davka one of our hardest tasks in this last generation: fixing the Erev Rav. So much so that it is one of our last remaining zechuyot in order to earn Geulah Achishenah: Even in its time, I will hasten it (from Kol HaTor)

    Please re-read what I have written, including comments:


  3. Thank you, Yaak. I will certainly, b"H, look to that source referral.

    And thanks to Gilui, too. Your comment will form the basis for my next post, IY"H.