15 July 2018

Judgment Day Is Coming

3 Av 5778

Evil is running rampant like it's end is near. Soon it will be removed from the earth forever, along with everyone and everything attached to it. All the enemies of God and Israel since the beginning of time until now will be eradicated from the world.

With thanks to Devorah Esther...


  1. I had a very disturbing dream last night that left me with a feeling that something very bad is coming.

    Israel announces nationwide military drills amid war preparedness on northern and Gaza fronts

  2. Bs''d

    Devash, i dreamed about the text of Zephania 3/8.
    The one with all our 27 letters, including sofits.
    Hashem cannot stand anymore the humuliations to His Schina.
    By us and certainly not by goyim.
    His words are so twisted by us, by using phones instead of Siddur, by doing something else then saying...
    Or worse..
    There will be pure languege, after the cleaning.
    Eevryone that survives, will ultimately recognize the Creator of Everything.
    I hope that i am one of them.
    Thank you for the information.

  3. All the news is fake now. Prayer, Dreams, Emuna, Family and Friends are our only answer. Pray for the Jews in Israel.

  4. Pls stop with all this doom and gloom, all Jews have done teshuva a million times over, all we need now is to greet Moshiach!

    1. Ckhl. Where did your statements come from. Simply not true

    2. Bs''d

      Not truth!
      How many women are aguna, that their husband do not give a get? (after not taking care, being violent, paruts, let them starve, being without proper clothing, no pocket money, no love or good words and fulfil the basics of the Ketuba with purpose???)
      How many women without a get are bothered by other men while they know that they are not free?
      How many men rape their wives on daily basis while abusing the Torah and Halacha at the same time against tier wifes?
      If is right what you say, you will see happy Jewish women walking around, for they are THE SIGN OF SHCHINA!
      You will see women that are truly TZENUA but not scared to be a women. Women that are ok with being a woman and happy about it.
      What you see?
      Face full of make up hiding under a huge thing on the head or a stinky wig.
      Then you see women that are religieus but not Tzenua, or burka.
      Please do tshuva, all of us!
      So look again and think!
      We are here to fix the MIDOT OF THE MEN, this last evil generation...we are here for you to help, but get abused.
      Wake up, we are the last chance, what are you doing?
      How can a Jew hurt A DAUGHTER OF HASHEM?
      No we did not do enough TSHUVA thats for sure!

  5. The Three Weeks are not mentioned in the Talmud. They were created in response to the massacres of the Crusaders, which occurred seven centuries [700 years] after the Talmud was sealed.

    According to Sephardic Halachah, there are no Three Weeks and no Nine Days; there is only the week of Tisha BeAv; and when Tisha BeAv is the day-after-Shabbat [Sunday], there is no week of Tisha BeAv, there is only Tisha BeAv itself.

    In our times [BeAvonotainu HaRabim], many Sephardim abandon their own Sephardic Halachah and also abandon their own Sephardic pronunciation, because it is easier to follow the majority. Many Sephardim, especially those who attended Ashkenazic Yeshivot, do not know that the Three Weeks and the Nine Days are NOT Sephardic Halachah.

    Other Sephardim assume [incorrectly] that when it comes Halachah, stricter is always better, so they abandon the lenient Sephardic Halachah in favor of the often-stricter Ashkenazic Halachah. Contrary to what many Jews believe, stricter Halachah is NOT always better Halachah!

    Who are the Palestinians?


    1. Bs''d

      you are right Mr. Cohen.
      The traditions of Temeni and Iraky and many other Jews where strong and firm and full of meaning with clear Halacha of Rabbi Caro that foremostly respect family and wife. After mingling in Yeshivot with Ashkenazim or marry into these families, we not just get too much confused laughed at and forced to do extra things, but many of us gave up!
      That's why there are 12 windows in the Bet Knesset. To remember who we are and what is good for us.
      Maran Ovadia Yosef Zatzal, knew this and helped us much as he could! Abba of the Sefardim. May we all in his merrit come back to our roots and do what we supose to do by Hashem!
      We must respect each others tradition and observe it that way, just like we let the 12 windows stay in their place.

  6. Nobody can survive what is seen in that video not even by magic and miracles! It is way too extreme...
    But the end will be very harsh unlike most of humanity knows but it will not be like in that video because that is 100% impossible to survive.
    The world we live in right now is like a ticking time bomb and the numbers are counting down but we do not see the numbers but we do see how the prophecies that were foretold before moshiach will take place and maybe a while back, nobody would have believed that it was possible for the world to become what it is today (not even me) but we can see now how the whole world has transformed into something so malicious, so ugly, so sinister, so immoral, decadent, so grotesque that it has no right to exist anymore and he up there will not allow this to continue anymore and the last judgement of the whole world will be here very shortly now to decide who will survive and make up eternity and who will disappear forever and the test is almost over so get ready for judgement

    1. You are very correct. A wake up call that cannot be ignored is what the world needs.

  7. 1. Keep Shabbat. 2. Say Shema twice a day. 3. Recite Tehillim 4. Study Torah daily. 5. eat kosher food. Hashem wants to save us. We need to give him an excuse.

  8. Are not all these threats of divine punishment with absolute devastation and destruction like a mother (l'havdil) saying to her naughty children 'Wait till your father gets home!'

  9. All the rationalizations many make are just more elaborate means of disguising a formal chap. 11 for our mission that we were given by our Maker some many centuries ago.
    He who created us Knows

  10. What a beautiful voice you have Devorah Esther!
    I read the entire blog Mashiach's Wife, before being taken out. It served the purpose.