10 July 2018

HKB"H's Actions Demand a Response From Us

27 Tamuz 5778

New earthquake hits northern Israel...
More than 40 tremors rattle Sea of Galilee region in last several days

Guest post by Aryeh Yosef Gallin

The entire UNIVERSE is SCREAMING. It is His Shofar. HE is blowing it. Why don't we listen?

OK, natural earthquake normal procedures fine we should follow all normal procedures.

It is ALL in the Book of Joel. WHAT TO DO. and they don't do it. PM calls for National Prayer, National Torah Study, National Tzedekah (give charity/money) and Acts of Kindness, One Mitzvah a Day, little things that ANYONE can do. TALK TO GOD. Who ELSE should we talk to? Mr. Magoo??? WHAT is WRONG with them?

WHAT will it take for them to realize that there is no "natural" that EVERYTHING is the Face of God talking to us, 24/7. Jonah went to Nineveh, walked down the main street, said "Nineveh will be overthrown in thirty days". We learn THE KING BELIEVED JONAH and they, these Goyim, TOOK ACTION?

WHAT is wrong with His People? The most STUPID OBTUSE BRAIN DEAD HEART DEAD So smart! So clever! Wise guys! The "Israeli"!!!

WHEN WILL THIS END? We are supposed to SET AN EXAMPLE for the Goyim.

We are PATHETIC!!! A Global Laughing Stock. They hold us in DERISION and they are RIGHT.

HELP!!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!


With his permission, I posted Aryeh's comment as a guest post because I thought he made some valid points and some very insightful suggestions. If it won't come from the top down, maybe we have to start calling for it from the bottom up.

  • National Prayer
  • National Torah Study
  • National Tzedekah and Acts of Kindness
  • One Additional Mitzvah a Day
However, in defense of Klal Yisrael, I have to say that it is much easier for the goyim to do teshuvah than it is for the Jews. The Yetzer HaRa fights much harder against Klal Yisrael because the whole world's existence depends on us. Furthermore, they have not been infiltrated by the Erev Rav. We are forced to fight with both hands tied behind our backs, while everyone else gets to use their fists.


  1. Exactly and the Jews want to make no effort to free themselves from the golden calf because they want to lie too much but they will learn and get exactly what they want but regret it!
    The situation right now is no funny joke and the new world of moshiach will not tolerate our attitude as we are so we better strip ourselves clean now and make the journey to redemption because the end is happening not coming and is moving fast

  2. And what about the Abomination Parade in Jerusalem? The destruction of Jewish Homes? The Secular Courts running the country? The violation of Shabbat in Tel Aviv ect.?

  3. Look, I want to be blunt. It's the gay pride parades & the silence & lack of protest from our spiritual leaders and the people. I for one am astounded by Hashem's abundant patience with us and his infinite mercy.
    We are a nation of fools! All the teshuvah in the world will not help in the face of these abominations.
    To be clear, it is not only the sin of homosexualty, which has been with humankind for eons but rather its public advocasy and acceptance by the people and enshrined in law.
    If there were to be a general protest collectively by the majority of our rabbis and community perhaps that would help. Realisticly, that's not going to happen.
    In the book Story of Tsaddik, a biography of Salmon Mustafy, written by his son Rav Ben Zion tells of a gathering of Rabbis in 1970 to discuss the current "matzav", moral decay of the times. After sometime when the Rabbis present had finished speaking, someone turned to Rav Sslmon and said, we've been here two hours and every one has spoken except you. Doesn't k'vod haRav want to contribute something. Rav Salmon stood up and said," You should know I have nothing to add except to say that in thirty years time everyone here would pray if only we could return to the way things are now terrible they are.
    That was 1970. Where are we now.
    Which brings me to the last point. Yes there is tremendous tshuvah now and pious and rightious rabbis and yes we can all do better. However we allow evil to flourish in the holyland in so many ways.
    It's time for Ma'ariv.והוא רחום יכפר עון ולא ישחית

    1. 100% Perhaps we can approach some rabbis? I do not want to hear "it won't help" and "nothing will be done". Hashem wants us... commands us... to do histadlus. Please contact me at decemberbeth@yahoo.com. We need to get organized and approach some of the bigger rabbis.

    2. What does it mean "To approach some Rabbis" ??!
      Isn't it their direct job to approach and lead us, the people ?! When we need to approach Rabbis and demand them to start performing their direct obligations, then it would mean that we do not have any real Rabbinical Leadership with us anymore, that we are on our own now, blind lead by the blind or worse. Woe to us !

    3. Ok, but that is not helpful. What can WE do NOW? What it means is what it says... approaching rabbis. I've emailed several.