19 May 2016

"We Are At The Start of Turbulent Processes"

11 Iyyar 5776
26 Days of the Omer
(3 Weeks and 5 Days)

So says this latest Debka article...

Israel switches defense chiefs in surprise political move

Wednesday, May 18 was one of the most intense days in Israeli politics in recent years, with countless strange headlines that Zionist Camp party chairman Yitzhak Herzog was about to become foreign minister. It became clear that Prime Minister Netanyahu decided to appoint Avigdor Lieberman the head of the right wing “Yisrael Beitenu” party as defense minister instead of Moshe Ya’alon, in exchange for the support by the small party, with just six Knesset members, for his coalition.

...Zionist Camp party leader Herzog claimed Wednesday night that Netanyahu agreed to give him the defense portfolio one year after his party joins the government. If that was true, it needs to be asked if Netanyahu has turned Israel’s security into personal political capital that can be passed within several hours from an irresponsible and extremist left-wing party (even according to Herzog’s definition) to an opportunist right-wing party.

...The defense portfolio crisis did not end with Lieberman’s appointment, it is just beginning,
The incumbent, Moshe Ya’alon, announced Wednesday night that he will not give up the portfolio and will not submit his resignation.

I'll be happy to see Ya'alon go, but I do not trust Lieberman... or Netanyahu... or any of the government for that matter. However, I do trust Hashem Yitbarach. And as Rabbi Pinchas Winston likes to point out in King David's Psalms...

"That which is wondrous in our eyes is from Hashem."