30 January 2016

Effects of Nibiru's Approach?

21 Shevat 5776


Strengthening Storms

Perfect conditions for super storms in south-east Queensland

El Niño storms cause cliff to crumble into ocean as houses teeter on the edge

Storms vs. terror: More Americans killed in weekend blizzard than Islamic extremist attacks in 14 years after 9/11

More Volcanoes/Earthquakes

Quake summit set after Pacific Northwest quake story shakes up White House
For decades, geologists, emergency managers and media in the Pacific Northwest have been warning that the region will someday be slammed by a megaquake and tsunami that could be the country's worst natural disaster.

Continuous tremor under Puget Sound as Washington state continues rattling since 4.3 earthquake on December 30th

MONSTER ERUPTIONS: Panic as two volcanoes EXPLODE causing mass evacuation
EARTHQUAKES struck today in a volatile region that saw TWO massive volcanic eruptions less than 24 hours ago.

Panic volcano about to blow amid fears lava sparked forest blaze which could have killed

A LARGE volcano could be about to blow after a lava burst was suspected of causing a massive forest blaze.

Pompeii 2? Supervolcano 'time bomb' that could explode 'anytime' puts 2million at risk
MORE than 1.5million people have been warned they are now living in the danger zone of a super volcano which could go off anytime -causing a global catastrophe.

Shifting Poles

The shifting of the Earth’s poles means a change at Cork Airport
The move comes after shifts in the earth’s magnetic poles.

Author, analyst believes climate change linked to Earth's shifting magnetic poles

... the key to unlocking the global-warming riddle could lie in the planet’s magnetic poles, which have been shifting from their traditional locations at the same time that the Earth has experienced erratic, unpredictable behavior with the weather,....

Rising Waters

Sea levels rising much faster than predicted

Ancient 850-Foot Tsunami Could Happen Again


INTENSIFYING COSMIC RAYS: For the past year, neutron monitors around the Arctic Circle have sensed an increasing intensity of cosmic rays.

Daylight meteor over southeastern U.S.
The American Meteor Society has over 100 reports of a bright meteor seen in broad daylight over southeastern U.S. on Sunday.