11 May 2015

Message Confirmation Received

23 Iyyar 5775
Day 38 of the Omer

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post BROOKLYN RABBI: "JEWS GO TO ISRAEL!"


Just spoke with the "person" at that # .... confirmed to me most of that info was correct and the process will happen regarding the disintegration / splitting of the "powers" like breakup of soviet union. This is so that Hashem is the only real Power. Developments are happening every day...he said not to be frightened but be excited if we merit the Geulah Sheleima because Hashem is doing this all for our good. 

Increase in Torah, Tefilla, Chessed and Hashem will help!!!

- A Yid 

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  1. The trick is I imagine not to guess the probability of this based on political analysis but to understand that hashem is going to make it happen regardless of existing power structures and social patterns. Did the rise of Hitler really make logical sense?