07 July 2013

Petition Heaven for the Sake of Amonah

29 Tamuz 5773

The Nine Days begin tonight with Rosh Chodesh Av. Historically, we have been vulnerable to especially horrible things during these days - right around Tisha b'Av. In 2005, the tragic expulsion of Gush Katif began. In 2013, another Jewish community is threatened with expulsion and destruction - Amonah.

Amona Expulsion Set for the Coming Weeks

State officials told Israel’s High Court that the residents of Amona will be expelled from their homes by the deadline, July 15, 2013 after the court ruled large areas of the community were built on private Arab lands. Amona, near Ofra, was founded in 1997.

The plight of Amona has been before the High Court for some time as numerous stays have been granted, but it now appears the community will be uprooted, as was the case with Migron and Beit El’s Ulpana neighborhood, all destroyed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Pray that it won't happen. Pray for the restoration of Jewish homes and all Jewish lands. During this time of mourning over the expulsion and exile from Hashem's home, pray for the restoration of the Beit Hamikdash. When it is rebuilt, there will no longer be any threat to any Jew anywhere.



  1. July 15 is erev Tisha B'Av!

  2. Amonah is Hamonah, correct? There is also an Amona in Goa, India. Does not bode well for the Nations, either which way.

    It is my novice contention that such temporary expulsion policies are merely that: temporary political measures in preparation for a much larger military engagement or something.

    (It is childish to force Settlers to be constantly Mobile, but such is the supernature of the Mishkan. Your community is well-known for hiking.)

    Annexing Sinai, Gaza, and areas toward the East of Jordan [as well as Lebanon and Syria, besides Persia] would require greater resolve, naturally, similar to pulling back triggers.

    Destruction precedes Reconstruction.