12 December 2021

Where Are We in the Redemption Process? (Part 1 of 2)

8 Tevet 5782

Throughout the history of the world, HKB"H has worked through "nature" to make His presence known to the world and to reveal His will for mankind.  Consider these events...

  • The Great Flood in the time of Noah
  • The Breakup of the Continents in the time of the Tower of Bavel
  • The Exodus from Egypt - the Plagues and the Splitting of the Sea
  • The Giving of the Torah at Har Sinai

Each of these events marked a major turning point in how HKB"H runs the world.  One of the signs that we are on the cusp of another turning point, one which we see as the gateway to the Final Redemption, is evident in the forces of nature.  The deniers of G-d call it climate change, but we know it is really HKB"H and the weather "extremes" that are happening around the world are a major sign that we may be at the stage of redemption mirroring the Exodus from Egypt, specifically the period of the Plagues.

The following is just the latest in a long line of events people are calling "historic," "biblical," "never-before-seen,"  "apocalyptic."

This tornado is said to have traveled 227 miles across four states - a phenomenon that has never previously been heard of or recorded.  However bad this is, there is much worse coming. COVID-19 and all its variants are going to be just a bad memory as HKB"H rises to judge the Earth.

To be continued, iy"H...


  1. As others have said, could this be the Nibiru (Kochav Yaakov)) planetary system affecting the earth changes, as said above, Hashem uses His forces of nature. Believe that it is this Nibiru that is causing all the weather/climate changes on earth and maybe that is the reason it is called Kochav Yaakov because it is the same one that caused your above mentioned great hallmarks of history from the time of creation. The Redemption will be the greatest of all historical events since the giving of our holy Torah and we are now in the midst of the cleansing of the earth, all due to the effects of this planet. That is why this might be the one that is called Kochav Yaakov.

  2. If you saw the video the the tornado coming in during the night, it was so obviously the Hand of G-d, Hashem Yerachem it must have been absolutely terrifying for those people.

    1. I did see it. And it is the stuff of my childhood nightmares. They'll be traumatized for life.

  3. Here's an interesting tidbit: On Fri during the day, a tornado (water spout they call them) was off the coast near Rome. Friday night the tornadoes hit Arkansas, Kentucky and other states. It was reported on the local news that a homeowner found a trove of family photos that belong to someone impacted by the tornado in Kentucky. He went on air to show the photos hoping that the owners would see the report because he knew they were probably important to someone. He lives in a town called Rome, which was 100 miles away from Mayfield, Ky. And, let's remember, there was a total solar eclipse on Rosh Chodesh Tevet.