15 December 2021

What You Don't Know About Mayfield, Kentucky

 12 Tevet 5782

The states hit by the outbreak of tornadoes last Friday night, December 10, 2021, lie in what is known as The Bible Belt of America - the stronghold of Evangelical Christianity.

The town of Mayfield, Kentucky was wiped off the map.  Interestingly, back in April 2021, Mayfield was the site of a conference held by the Kentucky Baptist Convention for a discussion about increasing evangelism.

Jews in our generation just don't get how despicable Christianity is and how much judgment is hanging over the church.  Those practicing this false religion are bad enough, but those who actively want to spread it to others are particularly loathsome. 
It appears that Kentucky Baptist pastors may be ready to sharpen up a tool that was once a spring and fall staple in churches throughout the commonwealth. For years, Kentucky Baptist churches brought in evangelists for revivals to energize members to evangelize and help them make new believers. But that practice has largely faded away from many churches for a variety of reasons.

The Revival in Every Church initiative of the KBC is a way to put it back in the church quiver and remind Kentucky Baptist pastors they have an important tool at their disposal that could make a difference in Kingdom work.

..."I want churches to intentionally focus on evangelism, the mindset to be on reaching the lost, and revivals help us get there. It helps revive the church to be more evangelistic.”
The article features and quotes Wes Fowler, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Mayfield.  And here he is eight months later on the events of December 10th...
Wes Fowler thought he’d be safe in church. With a tornado bearing down Friday night, the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Mayfield, Ky., brought his wife and their three sons over to the church for shelter. As things turned out, they would have been better off staying at home.

“We were in the basement, so we thought we’d be 100 percent safe,” Fowler says. “But the ceiling tiles in the basement started going up and down, shaking violently, the room filling with debris and dust. We weren’t sure we were going to make it.”

...First Baptist was one of several Mayfield churches damaged by the storm. First Presbyterian, First Christian and First Methodist were all destroyed.
It should not escape our notice that this occurred two weeks before the celebration of their "savior's" birth, a fact which makes it all the more devastating to them.

DO NOT think for a moment that I do not feel compassion and regret and heartache for these people.  I am from the Bible Belt and I was born and raised in Texas and lived and attended college in Kentucky.  They are what is often called "salt of the earth" people and I hate that they have to go through this, but the Creator of the world decrees and never without reason.  People just do not understand how intolerable it is that they worship a false god and spend their lives trying to convince others to do the same.  HKB"H is long-suffering and full of mercy, but there is a limit to it as the Hebrew prophets teach us.

Unfortunately, the American Evangelical churches have new "prophets"...

June 7, 2021  

(Stay with it to the end.  There is a very important message here.)

Their god is Yeshu, who is dead and dust.  Now we know what the God of Israel - the One God - has done to ground zero for the revival of revival evangelism!  And that's not even the worst of it.  

I did not introduce you, but that was Jessi Green and she has an interesting connection...
Jessi Green is a revivalist, full-time missionary, Director of Saturate OC and Co-Lead Pastor of Salt Churches alongside her husband Parker. She is passionate about reaching those that don’t know Jesus and equipping The Church to make disciples and preach the Gospel. She believes that everyone is qualified to share the Good News and teach others to follow Jesus.

Jessi Green has a connection to Lou Engle, her fellow (false) "prophet."
Lou Engle is an intercessor for revival, and the visionary co-founder of TheCall, a prayer and fasting movement responsible for gathering hundreds of thousands around the globe.
He has been involved in church planting, establishing prayer movements and strategic houses of prayer ... to ignite reformation prayer into the nations of the earth.
... Lou Engle is prophetically declaring that we are on the verge of the 3rd great awakening, and Jesus the evangelist will be manifested in great salvation and deliverance power. A mighty Jesus movement is coming to America, Billy Graham’s mantle is falling on a new generation of evangelists, and streets and stadiums will be filled with a new song of God’s salvation.
You may be wondering why you need to know this. It's because Israel is front and center to this "great awakening." (Oh, where did we just hear that same reference? Right, that was the Re-awakening.)

Listen to Lou Engles, a self-proclaimed prophet of the Almighty and hear what he says about Israel's role in his end-times vision.

August 4, 2021


What more proof do you need that we do not worship the same God?!

These are the people the frum American Jews are being advised to be close to when SHTF in the US.  Bad idea.  No matter how bad you think it is in Eretz Yisrael, it's always much worse among the nations.

Every time something horrendous happens via the weather in the USA, it's always because something terrible is being cooked up against the Jews. Just sayin'... And this is only the beginning, because the redemption of Israel brings judgment on the nations.


  1. Shame on you. Spreading hatered.

  2. It is a commandment from Hashem:
    Not to cease hating the missionary—Deuteronomy 13:9
    and here are a few other commandments that deal with idolaters and missionaries;
    Not to save the missionary—Deuteronomy 13:9
    Not to say anything in his defense—Deuteronomy 13:9
    Not to refrain from incriminating him—Deuteronomy 13:9
    Not to prophesize in the name of idolatry—Deuteronomy 18:20
    Not to make a covenant with idolaters—Deuteronomy 7:2
    Not to show favor to them—Deuteronomy 7:2

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    1. "On Christmas Day, we’re planning to go to some of the hardest-hit counties and take some homemade Christmas dinner."

  4. The great revival is coming and it will make America Christian again

    The great revival is coming and it will make America Christian again
    John Fea | June 19, 2021

    Greg Laurie says it is coming and it will restore America to its Christian roots.

    Ted Cruz says it is coming and it will propel evangelicals into cultural prominence.

    Eric Metaxas and Greg Locke also say it is on its way. God is using the fake 2020 election to trigger a revival of the church.

    "The Greatest Awakening"

  5. 'Revival or We Die': Why America Needs Another Great Awakening

    From the nation's capital to the harvest fields in the mid-west, Christians have been crying out to God for spiritual renewal in America. Some believe the nation sits on the brink of collapse, with the only hope being a visitation of God's power and presence.

    "Revival or we die," Dr. Michael Brown told CBN News "That's where we have to get. You have to get to a place where you can't live any longer without visitation. It could be personal, personal revival where you know there must be a breakthrough."

    Brown asks, "What will heal the deep racial, social, and political divisions that are tearing us apart?"

    In his new book, Revival or We Die: A Great Awakening is Our Only Hope, Brown says a revival is vital to see things change.

    "America's being torn apart by the seams," explained Brown. "And we've seen that there are no political solutions, there are no social solutions, and the church itself has become impotent. We're at a crisis point in American history where without divine visitation America as we know it could come to an end or could be so marred that the world our kids grow up in will be very, very different."

    Dr. Corne Bekker, Dean of Regent University's School of Divinity agrees with Brown's assessment. He says that the country has reached a time of spiritual reckoning.

    "I believe America recognizes that politics cannot save her," Bekker said in an interview with CBN News. "Ideology cannot save her. Social change cannot save her. Only the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ."