15 December 2021


11 Tevet 5782

UPDATE:  It seems that contact, of a sort, has been made (see below); therefore, it's all in Hashem's hands now.  

Received as a comment...

I just spoke to Ephraim Zelenko...the brother of Dr. Zelenko. He offered this clarification:

When Dr. Zelenko said "hill to die on"...he wasn't talking about "American Freedom".

He was referring to the treatments he offers and sticking to our guns, regarding the dangers of the vaccine...and preserving human life and recognizing that it is divine.

Universal messages...no matter the audience. Focusing on what we share in common, rather than what distinguishes us.

That is IT. It had nothing to do with "American Freedom", or Eisav/Edom/Christianity.

He's a doctor and his duty is to save human lives. He's not a political figure or a religious leader. Period.

He represents the Jewish people in the best way that he can, as a hassidic Jew, with love in his heart...including being extremely learned in terms of the revealed Torah as well as Kabbalah/Sod.

With all that said, when he speaks in public, he knows his audience. He is not oblivious.

Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Thank you.

I am deleting the Telegram channel.  I don't want to know anything else about this from here on out, so let this be the end of any responsibility I had in this matter.


  1. Tzvi, where is your channel??

  2. Hi, my husband told me you and one other blog will keep us sane and not to look at the regular news. Thank you
    the other channel is Rivka Levy's