30 December 2021


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26 Tevet 5782

As the Ramchal wrote, the nations cannot bring the redemption, only the Jews can, but they can, individually, affect their own future outcomes.  The birur among the nations will determine who the righteous gentiles are and which of them merit to survive into the Era of Mashiach.

Amazing, HONEST interview here...

MIKKI WILLIS [Maker of the film "Plandemic"] EXPOSES MEDIA MADNESS 

See Mikki Willis's work here:  PLANDEMIC SERIES


  1. It’s a good idea to put the plandemic series in your side bar. Don’t assume that we already so it. They put info in order

  2. A very important lesson to be learned here listening to the fine guest and host in this video is that these last few generations where they pushed out G-D from their lives, there remains a big void and that's when the evils start to take its place. Is it any wonder we have reached bottom at this time. That's how and when the isms replace G-D in man's life. Woe unto the world that thinks there is no G-D, c'v, but then it is G-D Who reminds humanity it's self-destructing because they threw their Father in Heaven out of their lives. HE is the One Who gave them their lives and that's when they begin to realize (those who have common sense) there is no life, nor freedom until they choose G-D and His Laws (righteousness and normalcy) to relearn what freedom and truth is all about. It's very sad that so many fell into the trap of the evil isms, but G-D is Good and gives man the chance to repent & realize and learn the 'truth' from the lies. Let's pray that we have begun to reach that time when mankind understands there is only G-D, whom he can rely on! Ain Od Milvado!