"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

31 March 2019

The (As-Yet) Unrecognized Disaster

25 Adar II 5779

Most people today never think about where the food in their local grocery store comes from and never imagine that it could disappear overnight.

With winter crops just about ready to be harvested and spring crops needing to get into the ground, "apocalyptic" flooding and snowfalls have destroyed the former and are preventing the latter.  The video below focuses on the devastating Mid-West floods in the USA, but this is happening worldwide.  Record weather disasters are destroying food supplies and it won't be long before people will begin to take notice at the grocery checkout.  By this time next year, we may be experiencing severe shortages.
Cyclone Idai 'might be southern hemisphere's worst such disaster'
The devastating cyclone that hit south-eastern Africa may be the worst ever disaster to strike the southern hemisphere, according to the UN.

Cyclone Idai has swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe over the past few days, destroying almost everything in its path, causing devastating floods, killing and injuring thousands of people and ruining crops.
"As Many As A Million Calves Lost In Nebraska" – Beef Prices To Escalate Dramatically In Coming Months

How Much Food Prices Will Rise After Midwest USA Floods


  1. Not really surprising at the disastrous weather patterns; believe it is all part of the cleansing process at the End of Days, but which is also and mainly the punishments being meted out by the Creator for the horrific sins of the last few decades and mainly the last decade because of all the toieva sins and laws enacted to promote them. Never has it reached such a level since before the great 'Flood'; the Mabul, when H' was so angry as to want to destroy the world and humanity because of their sins but promised not to destroy the world again with such totality, so now, I do believe HE is doing it in stages where it is leading to famine, etc. Maybe that will awaken the people to repent! No one battles against G-D and gets away with it!!! H' y'rachem aleinu and the righteous.

  2. Whenever there were "Peace Plans" there have been disasters. It will get a lot worse because where will all that water go? It will flood the Mississippi Valley and New Orleans.

  3. Actually food production nowadays is extremely high. The challenge is not producing enough food but getting it to where it needs to be. The market for selling food products among farmers is absolutely cutthroat.

  4. Devash, we both caught this topic with gravity. The world is in for some unfathomable suffering. And I agree with Moshe above, that it is a cleansing process. Even the blessed rains we received over this winter (not yet ended) did a lot of flooding. All this rain should have filled the Kinneret?