26 March 2019

It's All a Show!

19 Adar II 5779

Take a fear-mongering media...
Bracing for Gaza’s ‘million man march’
Analysis: The West Bank is at a boiling point, the Palestinian economy is weak and the motivation for terror attacks high, and now Hamas is planning its biggest demonstration ever to mark the anniversary of the ‘March of Return’; Israel fears events may spin out of control with dozens of casualties and a possible military confrontation
DEBKA: Hamas has announced a buildup for a major escalation of attacks on Israel to mark the first anniversary of its March of the Million on March 31.
Israeli Forces In The Northern Command Preparing For A Difficult “Land Day”
PLUS a couple of rockets hitting near Tel Aviv for a touch of reality (the long suffering of the Jews in the south doesn't matter in their greater scheme)...

Together with an election championed by the "leader of the 'free' world"...

And what you have is a BIG SHOW put on by Eisav and the Erev Rav meant to manipulate the Jewish people via their emotions. It's called herding the sheeple and everyone is vulnerable except those firmly attached to Torah and HKB"H! 

All of this is designed to soften the Jews' resolve for making major concessions in order that Oslo, the Road Map et al. in itheir latest incarnation aka the Deal of the Century gets through!!  However, they vastly underrate our resolve!

PS: That Golan announcement that so many hailed as a "Purim miracle" was in reality just part of another Hamanic plot.  Wait and see!  

And by the way, lest you think I accuse Trump, let me hasten to say that if you want to identify the plotters, look at the line of people standing behind Trump during the press conference.  Trump is just their front guy.


  1. Eli Yishai today: "Since yesterday morning's shooting at Israel and as long as the prime minister stayed in the US, I chose to support his decision to attack Gaza. From the moment Netanyahu returned to Israel and the Cabinet convened to make decisions for the continuation of the operations, it is necessary to state clearly: The infrastructure of terror in Gaza must be permanently damaged. Not about, not nearly, not by hand or tapping on the roof. To liquidate the heads of terrorist organizations and to strike irreversible damage to infrastructure. For this purpose, there is no need to endanger IDF soldiers, but simply to flatten Gaza from the air. At cabinet meetings in previous campaigns I proposed the idea, and as time passes, it turns out that this is the only solution to stop them firing rockets at Israel."

    1. 100%!!! And why the leaders and people of Israel don't do this truly needs some soul searching and honest answers! We need the three T's now: TORAH! TESHUVAH! TODAY!

      THEY MUST GO!!!