"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

24 March 2019

Bibi's Mouthpiece - Israel HaYom

17 Adar II 5779

According to Eli Yishai's latest facebook post, the Israel HaYom publication - a known Netanyahu mouthpiece - reports that in their poll, Yachad receives 0.0% of the vote!!  Do you still think polls can be trusted???

(Rough translation):
I was pleased to see last weekend that the Yahad party receives a 0.0% (!) Survey in Israel Today.

You read well, neither 2% nor 0.1% but really 0.0%.

Do you know why I was happy? Because finally everyone is discovering the true face of the polls. Tell me, my fellow reviewers. Do you really think that someone believes that the movement of Yahad is zero percent?!

As long as you were "encouraging" a few tenths of a percent, someone might have been deceived, but now everyone understands that apparently the same forces that wielded the veto and are causing fear of the veto, have a good reason to fear the Yahad movement under my leadership. They know that I will not let Bibi form a unity government with Gantz and Lapid in order to reach a peace agreement. So they do everything to torpedo our running.

Do you understand how it works? They work in the underground to hide us from the polls, and then they claim that you are running with them, harming them and harming the right! Those who hurt the right are the ones who worked to torpedo all our unity with other parties. And now it's the same people who are insulting us in the polls, even though they understand that if you get in, that's four more seats to the right!

I just want to remind reviewers of some data. Who might be spared the disgrace after the election results:

The Yahad movement brought 126,000 votes to the Knesset!

The Yahad movement brought in only a few months ago municipal elections, more than 26 representatives throughout the country. And she did not deal with all the cities!

The Yahad movement now has a list of 100,302 supporters registered last month (!) In the ingenious voices project on the Yahad website, which has already been copied by the Likud and other parties.

So if a hundred thousand registered and expressed support, they are 0.0% for them, so think of the tens of thousands we have not reached and not yet registered. I cheer up.

So I'm here to tell all the friends, I feel, like you, the rage at the deliberate disregard. I get the screenshots of almost all the surveys that do not even list Yahad in the list of options, do not even register it manually in the other option, In complete contradiction to the instructions of the Elections Committee.

In the link below, read what you are not told about the industry of lies that shape public opinion and erases parties in the public consciousness.
Industry lies of election surveys 
The number of respondents is tiny and does not represent, the majority refuse to answer and the timing is irrelevant, but the media suffers from a severe and hasty survey. The results - usually wrong - drive politicians to a wild horse race. We all lose.