21 January 2018

Why Point A Finger At The Jew?

5 Shevat 5778

This is going to be a Q Anon update. If you don't know what I'm talking about, begin here.

In the wake of the exposure of the FISA Court Memo to US House Representatives, 'Q' made another large intel drop in the wee hours of the morning on Friday. Most of the messages seemed to be addressing this development. But, right in the middle, there appeared a series of photos without caption or explanation or reference to the original source. They included some famous, "evil" characters like David Rockefeller, George Soros, Jacob Rothschild and the current Pope, but most of those pictured were impossible to accurately identify. Since no hint was given to the relevance of these pictures to the messages conveyed by 'Q', one is left to conclude that he means to draw a connection between the NWO evildoers to the downfall of the leftist liberals in America. 

As is typical of this "phenomenon," everyone is left to his or her best guess. 

Those people who have moved to the forefront in disseminating the material through live podcasts go line by line giving their best guess as to what it means and who it references with input from viewers' comments. But, there is no way to confirm if the guesses are correct. 

Back to the pictures I mentioned before. One was quite shocking to me. And this is really the reason I am addressing this issue again in a blog post. It is this one here...
There were three people providing commentary on this podcast to "decode Q." I'm going to transcribe the entire commentary for this photo, because I think it is very important for you to hear.
Woman #1: "Somebody commented that the background looks like Hell, ...like they had a party and it's a Hell background."
Woman #2: "Now, notice that the Pope is kissing that guy's hand rather than the other way around."
Guy: "Yep, Jacob Rothschild."
Woman #1: "Oh, that's a good find."
Woman #2: "That is significant, that is very significant."
Guy: "What is up with that, people? What does that tell you? And we've seen that picture a number of times, I'm sure most of you have, in the chat, that's a pretty famous picture among this community."
Woman #2: "Everybody kisses the Pope's ring. When do you see the Pope kissing just a normal person's hand? That tells us a lot."
Guy: "I'd say it's no normal person apparently. Right? We know exactly who that is.
So, did they take from this photo exactly what 'Q' intended they should take from it. If so, he is no "white-hat" patriot, at least not where the American Jewish community is concerned. Because it's all a lie.

Actually, the woman who wanted to imply that this scene took place at some perverse Illuminati "party with a Hell background" was not completely remiss. It was at Yad Vashem and I guess parts of it could be used as a "Hell background." It's easier to identify from this uncropped image where more of the background is actually visible...

In fact, this is decidedly NOT Jacob Rothschild. He doesn't even look like Jacob Rothschild. A simple Google search revealed the following about this man's identity...
This photograph has been circulating online for several years, and is frequently accompanied by anti-Semitic messages promulgating various conspiracy theories about the Rockefeller and Rothschild families, among others.
...In actuality, this photograph does not feature Rockefeller, Rothschild, or Kissinger. This image was taken on 25 May 2014 at Jerusalem’s Holocaust memorial center Yad Vashem, and it shows the Pope making a historic visit to greet survivors of the World War II genocide. The original photograph is available via Alamy, where it was posted with the following caption:
Pope Francis visits the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, attended by Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on May 26 2014. In his first Middle East tour since his anointment in 2013, Pope Francis held a historic prayer service with the Ecumenical Patriarch in Jerusalem on Sunday. This was the first reunion between the two Christian sects in fifty years.
The following is an excerpt from a EuroNews.com report about the Pope’s 2014 visit to Yad Vashem:

Pope Francis navigated the minefield of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and bowed to kiss the hands of Holocaust survivors on Monday, the last day of a trip to the Middle East laden with bold personal gestures.
“Never again, Lord. Never again!” he said in the dimly-lit Hall of Remembrance in the Yad Vashem Museum which commemorates six million Jews killed by the Nazis in World War Two.
According to Yad Vashem, the Pope met with six Holocaust survivors during his visit: Avraham Harshalom, Chava Shik, Joseph Gottdenker, Moshe Ha-Elion, Eliezer Grynfeld, and Sonia Tunik-Geron. The viral picture appears to show the Pope kissing the hand of Mr. Grynfeld:  (Source)
If anything nefarious was going on, it was with the Pope staging such a potentially incendiary photo op, whatever lame excuse he gave for it. He had to know how it would be misinterpreted and used against Jews. He is not naive!

The only reason to include this photograph was to elicit the very reaction that it garnered. Ergo 'Q' and whatever shenanigans they and their masters are up to does not bode well for the Jews. 

"Forewarned is forearmed."