25 January 2018

A Worrisome Trend

10 Shevat 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Beshallach

I had something entirely different prepared for this spot just before Shabbat. Hopefully, I'll be able to post it motza"sh. But, right now, I have to ask a question. 

Since when is there a "US ambassador for international religious freedom?" Well, it seems at least since yesterday according to this article I just happened to stumble across.
Brownback narrowly confirmed as US religious freedom envoy
WASHINGTON — The Republican-led Senate on Wednesday narrowly approved Sam Brownback’s bid to be US ambassador for international religious freedom,....
With two Republican senators absent, Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Capitol Hill to cast the tie-breaking vote to confirm Brownback, a favorite of Christian conservatives for his views on same-sex marriage and abortion. The vote was along party lines, 50-49, underscoring the narrow margin Republicans hold. Pence’s vote also was needed earlier in the day to get Brownback’s nomination over a procedural hurdle.
...“I’m glad to have the vice president in my corner,” Brownback told reporters.... He added later, “I’m happy. It’s a critical job. I’m excited about being able to do it.”
"Critical" to whom?

You know, Americans have constitutional guarantees for this sort of thing. This is not about ensuring religious "freedom" in America where these people live and make their laws, This is about attempting to impose American values on everybody else in the world.

There are actually quite a few people who want to live under shariah law. There are even some people who would like to live under Torah law. Neither of which allows for idolatrous polytheism - the basis of Christianity. But, this man is not going to go to bat for Muslims' religious freedom to abide by shariah law; neither will he uphold Jewish religious freedom to adhere to Torah law. They are not even prepared to ensure Jewish rights to pray on Har Habayit as Pence just assured King Abdullah of Jordan on his visit this week that they respect his custodianship of the holy places in Jerusalem!
"...Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., said Wednesday that he was concerned Brownback would focus solely on protecting Christian minorities."
Yep. I'd say that's a very safe bet.
Pence: America will prioritize protecting Christians abroad
Vice President Pence sought on Thursday to reassure Christian leaders looking for the White House to focus more on the plight of persecuted Christians abroad.
“Protecting and promoting religious freedom is a foreign policy priority of the Trump administration,” the vice president said during a morning address at the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians....
Advocacy on behalf of people persecuted for being Christian is a topic “of enormous importance to this administration,” Pence said. Turning to speakers at the conference who were there to share their personal stories of persecution abroad, he said: “You have the prayers of the president of the United States. The suffering of Christians in the Middle East has stirred Americans to action, and it brings me here today.”
Pence is very popular among the Christian leaders gathered at the conference at the Mayflower Hotel, which was organized by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Several said they trust that the administration wants to help Christians because they know that Pence cares about their cause.
The Rev. Franklin Graham, who led the conference, said in his introduction of Pence: “What I appreciate so much about our vice president is his strong faith in God and his belief in Jesus Christ as the son of God. As a nation, we are very fortunate to have a president that believes in God and a vice president who strongly supports all of us in the church and is not afraid to express his faith.
...During his speech, Pence repeatedly reminded the attendees that he spoke on behalf of Trump,.... He said that Trump calls the persecutors of Christians by the name “radical Islamic terrorists,” which drew applause.
VP Mike Pence has already made it abundantly clear in very frank statements that he is a Christian "first", above everything else. This should have disqualified him from office in the United States of America. He should not be allowed to use his high office to advocate on behalf of one particular religion. Especially one whose overriding goal is to convert everyone else to that same religion.

So, what if they want to turn America into a Christian nation?

PLAN FOR THE TAKEOVER OF AMERICA - Jim Garlow Explains 7 Mountains Dominionism

So, let them. Just keep it there in the US and stop trying to impose it everywhere all over the world and especially here in Eretz Yisrael where it is forbidden to believe in multiple gods and to worship a man as god.

You think Israel has any hope of stemming the tide of missionaries and missionary funds into this country?! If there ever was, it has decreased to near zero with this newest move by the Trump/Pence administration!
Jim Garlow and his group started a Bible study in Israel's Knesset
Bible Study at Knesset Can Unite Christians, Jews by Tuly Weisz
Pastor Jim Garlow, a member of President Trump's faith advisory council, and his wife Rosemary Schindler Garlow, reached out to Member of Knesset Rabbi Yehuda Glick from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party, about hosting a Bible study at the Knesset.
Because of the sensitive nature of Christians and Jews studying Bible together, my organization, Israel365, which serves as a bridge between Christian Zionists and Israel, was called in to collaborate on the program.
"Collaborate" is an excellent choice of words. HASHEM YERACHEM!!

Somewhere I think it says that at the final redemption we will see miracles even greater than those that we saw in Egypt. Hashem, this would be a good time. You took us out of Egypt, now, please take Egypt out of us!!